Anybody going out to try to see the aurora tonight?

Supposedly after 10 p.m.



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        If you're into stuff like this, is a good site

        If you're into stuff like this, is a good site to check out what's going. This is the current picture for the "auroral oval". This CME (coronal mass ejection, aka big glob of sun stuff) turned out to be a bit slower and lower energy than first predicted, so southern New England is really at the farthest edge of potential viewing - which means we're very unlikely to see anything here in Boston - too much light pollution here, even on a clear night.

        Nothing to lose

        Given how infrequently one sees the aurora in these parts, I was thinking of heading to the top of a nearby hill (Prospect Hill in Somerville) to see what I could see. I figure the worst that happens is it's cloudy and lame, and we walk down to the Independent after a few minutes for some liquid strength.


        I was thinking about heading to the beach, maybe Revere Beach (at least for me) or some south eastern facing beach (where you can see a large portion of the horizon).. but meh, like Urb I get up very early in the morning to work.