Anybody missing a bag of guns in Dorchester?

Seized guns in Dorchester

The guns in question. Photo by BPD.

Boston Police report recovering five guns, magazines and ammunition that were just sitting there in a plastic bag in an alley off Lucerne and Harwood streets in Dorchester early this morning.

Police say an anonymous source reported overhearing some guys talking "about the pickup of a package containing firearms" in that area.

Officers are first set up surveillance of the alley, but decided they couldn't just let a bunch of guns in a bag sit there, even if under surveillance.

On opening the bag, police say, they found: A Smith & Wesson .45 caliber firearm, Model 457 with magazine; Smith & Wesson .357 caliber revolver, Model 65-3; Bryco Arms .380 automatic firearm, Model 38 with magazine; Bauer .25 caliber firearm with magazine; Taurus .40 caliber firearm with two magazines and a box of 20 Federal Premium .45 caliber rounds of ammunition.

Are they yours? Police would love to talk to you. If you know who might be just leaving bags of guns around the community, contact detectives at 617-343-4712 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or by texting TIP to CRIME (27463).

Suffolk County DA Dan Conley thanked the anonymous tipster:

There’s no question that this tipster saved a life. We appreciate every call that helps identify an offender in the aftermath of violence, but this unknown hero stopped a crime before it happened. Whoever you are, your city thanks you.



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I hope that person is...

...the boss of whoever the hell put those pistols on display. Not a single piece of weedwacker string in any of them. Black one that looks like my BB gun? Round in the chamber. Cutesy little pearl handle? Same. Stuff it in your waistband gun? Same.
An RSO that I know (range safety officer), if he (or she...) saw a pistol laying on the table without weedwacker string down the barrel and out the chamber would throw you off the range.

Likely destroyed but you can

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Likely destroyed but you can bet still recoverable and traceable to the original FA-10 if purchased in MA.

Even this makes me nervous

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Even reporting this "an anonymous source reported overhearing some guys talking 'about the pickup of a package containing firearms' in that area" makes me nervous for that source. Or anyone that these guys might THINK overheard them.

This is great!

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5 handguns that 5 young, lost, inner city males wont get to use in robberies, shootings, or murders of what could have been more than 5 innocent young people with promising futures. Now to find the dusty dudes who owned them.

Great find!

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It could be the work of a disgruntled girlfriend,relative or other fed up/not tolerant of guns person/s.

boy is his face red

Oh man, the guy who filled out the application, submitted a list of character references & a doctor's note, got fingerprinted, interviewed, and photographed, paid $100 for the pleasure of submitting said application, paid for and took the all-day firearms safety course, drove out to Moon Island on a Saturday morning for the shooting test, joined a gun club for X hundred dollars as mandated, waited between three and ten months for his restricted license, passed his background checks at the shop and filled out the FA-10 packet to legally purchase all of those... he must feel pretty dumb right now!

keep in mind most of those

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keep in mind most of those are not for sale in massachusetts so he also needed a police officer to purchase them "for duty use" and then sell them to him at a mark up

Far more likely

It's much more likely that somebody bought them at a gun show, without even a background check, or at a shop in some Southern state that has lax gun laws, or that they were stolen from some Good Guy With A Gun's poorly-secured collection. I really doubt that anybody went to the trouble to buy them legally here, then left them in an alley.

There is no gun show loophole for handguns

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According to Federal law you can't buy handguns at a gun show or shop and take them home with you. They are shipped to a FFL in your home state for you take possession of them via transfer.

Long guns on the other hand do not have that requirement.

No doubt bought legally

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No doubt bought legally somewhere and either sold on the black market, or stolen from someone who failed to store it properly.

Why did BPD need to say

Why did BPD need to say anything at all about that "anonymous source" overhearing anything? Way to make the community feel good about taking to the police...


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Shows the police take anonymous tips seriously.

or it is parallel

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or it is parallel construction to protect a informant inside that gang or a wire tap etc.

Yeah, I see your point. I

Yeah, I see your point. I guess my concern is also about the details of the tip. "The anonymous tipster overheard..."

Well, if those were my guns, I might starting thinking about who might have overheard me talking about them...

BPD could have said only, "We got an anonymous tip..." and left it at that.


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Way to get the owners of said bag of guns to speculate who is the canary!

No Detail?

Officers are first set up surveillance of the alley, but decided they couldn't just let a bunch of guns in a bag sit there, even if under surveillance.

Why not take the guns out of the bag and replace them with rocks or disabled guns and continue the stake-out? Glad to see them off the streets but would have been nice to catch the "owner" as well.

I'm imagining a potential

I'm imagining a potential dumb criminal moment.

Criminal 1: Hey, there are some cops messing with the bag of guns that Joe was supposed to leave for us.
Criminal 2: You're right. Let's wait until they're gone, and then we'll go over to check and make sure the guns are still OK.

No criminal charge if you did that.

I think it would be great if a judge allowed something like to happen, and have some sort of conspiracy charge stick, but all you have is a person holding a bag of rocks.


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Kudos to our State Legislators for having the most and strictest gun laws in the country. These laws keep guns off the street and make me feel safe.