Apparently, spring is almost here

Sunset on the Charles

JB Parrett walked along the Charles around 7 p.m.:

Nearly spring in Boston. Light at 7pm and a nearly ice-free Charles.



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I Saw The First Robins Today Too!

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The arrival of robins is another sure sign of spring, so it was nice to see a pair of them hopping around in front of my house this afternoon!

The were so pretty and cute, and ... well, another word that's just on the tip of my tongue!


Actually, some robins stick around all year

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I've noticed robins in the middle of winter here in Boston (including this year). I checked to see how rare that was and found out that a fair number (of mostly young males) don't migrate but stay put, especially in warmer areas (like cities) that have lots of shelter. They just tend to stay mostly hidden while it's cold.

Even knowing that, it's still strange to see them hopping around in the snow in January.


Robins Singing To Attract A Mate

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My robins go on vacation over the winter, but come back to raise new families in the spring. When singing to attract a mate, this is one of their favorite songs:

It isn't the robins arriving in Spring

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it's the worms. You don't see robins on your lawn in winter because the earthworms they like to eat are two feet under the frozen soil where robins can't get to them. Many robins from farther North actually migrate to here in the winter. They're just in places where people are less likely to run into them, like in thickets eating berries.



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I actually like when the sun sets at 4 pm pretty much winter in general.