Architecture expert new member of BRA board reports on Mayor Walsh's appointment of Ted Landsmark, recently let go as president of Boston Architectural College.




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    New board member fired from BAC last week

    Um, what?

    EDIT: Oh, I see now, you mention the termination. Anyway.

    BRA nominee was dismissed as head of architectural college
    The Boston Globe

    The mayor’s first appointment to the Boston Redevelopment Authority board, Theodore Landsmark, was fired as president of Boston Architectural College last week, according to people briefed on his dismissal ...

    City Hall officials said Mayor Martin J. Walsh had not been aware of Landsmark’s termination. “This was news to the Mayor today,” spokeswoman Kate Norman said via e-mail late Tuesday.

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    Ted is also

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    the man getting attacked with the american flag in that iconic photograph from the busing riots.

    Allegedly, he was let go from the BAC for financial reasons. They also just let their lease on 100 mass ave go after a decade.

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    True story about that flag

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    True story about that flag incident is the guy was just waving it, and he and Landsmark got too close to each other. Unless someone can positively correct me, even Ted Landsmark has said the guy didn't deliberately hit him with the flag. It certainly made a name for the photographer.

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    Cool story, bro

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    But only partially right. You're correct in saying the guy was not trying to run Landsmark through with the flag. What he was trying to do was smack him with it.

    Rakes was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced to two years in the House of Correction and two years probation. The jail sentence was suspended.

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