Arroyo the Senior jumps back into politics; wants to replace alleged punch-throwing probate register

Arroyo for register of probate

Felix D. Arroyo tomorrow announces a bid to replace Patty Campatelli as Suffolk County Register of Probate and Family Court.

Campatelli, in her first term in the elected holdover from colonial days, found herself suspended by the Massachusetts Trial Court in January due to an investigation into whether she punched an employee - a charge she denies.

Arroyo the elder was a Boston city councilor until 2007. In a mailing to potential supporters, he writes:

I have dedicated my life to public service with an emphasis on children and families. As your Register of Probate & Family Court, I will work to make sure that everyone is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. I am asking for your vote and support so that I can continue my life's work.

The mailing he sent to potential supporters came from, which, on the Web, still redirects you to the mayoral campaign of his son, who is now the city's chief of health and human services.



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That's (not) a paddlin'

IIRC, Felix proposed a ban on Parental spanking while he was on the city council, so not punching his underlings is a position he can probably get behind.


Holdover from colonial days

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We need to deep six these quaint public offices that stem from our days as a crown colony.



Remember the time he took money from Hugo Chavez to give that corrupt regime a veneer of respectability? Pass. He can go hang out with Joe Kennedy, somewhere out of public office.


Because stealing money from

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Because stealing money from poor people in our country to give to comparatively richer Americans is very respectable to begin with.


Suffolk is better than Middlesex

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Suffolk County was traditionally run by the City Council until the Commonwealth took it over.

Still, it's better than that shithole Middlesex County. I'll take a violent Registrar over a thief any day.

This is a big bucks Trial

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This is a big bucks Trial Court position. Look at Maura Hennigan. This office has nothing to do with county or city government.

"Suffolk County was

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"Suffolk County was traditionally run by the City Council until the Commonwealth took it over."

Where did that leave Revere, Winthrop, and Chelsea? Sounds unconstitutional to me.


Eh, County Government

Eh, County Government functions the Boston City Council had would not have been a big deal to me. The other cities/towns in Suffolk County all have small administrative offices, if Boston wanted to pick up the tab for administrative costs I do not really see the problem.


The real solution is a constitutional amendment

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Registrars of Probate and Deeds should be professional administrators appointed by the Administrative Office of the Probate and Family Court (for Probate) and the Secretary of State (for Deeds), not political hacks. Unfortunately, the only way that's going to happen is by constitutional amendment.