Art in Somerville

Either the Not Art guy has changed directions or he has a rival. Chris Devers spotted this visual commentary in Union Square in Somerville yesterday.

Posted under this Creative Commons license and tagged as universalhub on Flickr.



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    Color me impressed!

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    Blocking detour signs is sooooo creative!

    (Did Chris tear this down after taking the picture, I hope?)

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    Not an active detour?

    I had the same question, but it's possible that the random sheet of black fabric covering the detour sign was put there first (and intentionally.) Although why they would do that rather than just taking down the detour sign I don't know - maybe it's an on-again/off-again detour?

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    Already blocked off

    This is one of those signs that they use when there is construction equipment present, but black out when it is not in use. This particular location is a detour when work is going on, but they open the way when it is not.

    So, yes, blocking the sign was not creative because it was already blocked.

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    Intermittent construction

    This occasional detour is probably for either the McGrath overpass repair, or for Green Line extension work on the Medford Street railroad bridge next to Target.

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    The sign says "Cross Street

    By on

    The sign says "Cross Street Detour". So it's for work on the Cross Street bridge over the railroad.

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    Ah, got it

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    Thank you for the clarification!

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    He wasn't blocking the sign. He was blocking the blocking of the sign. With that picture from that museum.

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