Assembly (Square) Station to open Tuesday, September 2nd

The official T alert - in their usual quirky fashion

Starting Tuesday - Orange Line Change

Assembly Station will be open for regularly scheduled Orange Line train service beginning at the start of service on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

Affected stops:

Last updated: Aug 29 2014 07:14 AM

Passing by there earlier this afternoon, I noted that one of the platform signs has the notation "Customer Assistance Area" beneath the "Assembly" banner. Seems rather odd, as the sign is in the center of the platform well away from the fare machines and faregates where the CSAs are supposed to hang out.

Unless "Customer Assistance Area" is now T speak for "here's where the system map is posted, guys (and gals)'.



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You must not take the orange

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You must not take the orange line regularly. They designated these areas on every platform a while ago as the place for people needing assistance (e.g. customers in wheelchairs needing the bridge plate) to wait, so the T knows they're there and need assistance in a standardized place.

OK - thanks

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Yes, I haven't taken the Orange Line regularly in about a year and a half. When I had my previous car (1999 Ford Contour), which finally reached NWF status last January after several prior repairs, my mechanic was outside of Malden Center, which was best accessible by the Orange Line when I would leave work in Boston.

So far, the replacement car (2012 Ford Focus), has not yet needed the services of an independent mechanic. (knocks wood).

And, before people start with the Ford jokes, note that I've had three cars in the past 27 years (not counting the Focus - which I've only had for six months). Two were Fords, the other was a Honda Prelude. That Honda gave me more trouble in the years I owned it than the two Fords combined.

Now if the Mbta would run

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Now if the Mbta would run some regular buses to assembly from other parts of Somerville ( union, winter hill, Davis) people from Somerville could get to assembly sq and the new t stop


They should also consider

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They should also consider rerouting a few of the other nearby bus routes, especially one or two from Medford, Malden and Everett. Would relieve congestion on the orange line and would assist many workers in getting to the Assembly Row area from those cities. Now most routes from Malden and Everett, for example, terminate either at Wellington or at Sullivan. Creating some sort of loop extension via Assembly would make a lot of sense.


Did They Include a Bus Lane?

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The 90 from Davis and the 92 from Charlestown (middays) run through the Mall by Bed, Bath and Beyond. Why not route them into the station (and add the 95 if it makes sense, it runs close enough to the area) if they included a bus lane? Too bad none of these routes have the best of headways, but it would be a start. They all run into Sullivan Square though, not sure if that would be a problem.


The 92 sorta does

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Between 9am and 4pm it makes an extra loop through the Assembly Square parking area.

I've learned the hard way that the last trip out is at 4:10pm.

Hopefully the buses get reworked a bit now that the station will be open soon.


Also the 90...

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The 90 also goes right by the area. I think there will be some route changes in the near future for some Wellington and Sullivan buses to be extended to the new station. This is just speculation though, but I hope there will be.

one would assume

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They would move the bus stop for the 90 and the 92, which is outside of Bed Bath and Beyond to the new station. Or make the station the end point (or a stop on the route) to the station. The T would be kinda stupid not to do that as it would add contra-flow to those routes since riders could transfer to/from the orange line to the local bus service via the new station.

Then again this is the T we're talking about, and they aren't the brightest bulb on the christmas tree sometimes.

I was thinking that myself

Once Assembly opens, I won't have to wait half an hour or more for the 90 or 92 bus at Sullivan Square - it'll be a five minute walk to the other stores.

What will likely happen: The T will terminate the 92 bus at Sullivan at all times (since it duplicates Assembly station service) and order the 90 bus to run directly to Wellington, without having to stop as Assembly Sq mall.

No bus changes yet. Maybe next quarter?

MBTA bus schedules are issued quarterly, and the new quarter starts today (Saturday, August 30). This quarter's 90 and 92 schedules are unchanged from last quarter, other than some tweaking of Sunday times on the 90. Maybe the T will wait until next quarter to make any changes? When the Red Line was extended to Porter, Davis, and Alewife, several months went by before bus changes were announced.

It would make sense to end the 92 service, but the 90 bus may as well continue going through Assembly Square, since that's the most direct way to get to Wellington from Sullivan Square. Otherwise there's no point in going to Wellington at all and you may as well just end it at Sullivan too.


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It would make more sense keeping the 90 as-is - it's actually closer to access Wellington from Assembly Sq Mall than use Mystic Ave. The Fall schedule just started today, so we'll wait and see...