Athol radio station starts advertising itself as WBZ, only it isn't

Legends WBZ

The Boston Radio Interest mailing list alerts us a station signed on in Athol this morning as WWBZ on 700 kHZ, but is advertising itself as just "WBZ ... The Greatest Music of All Time."

The real WBZ is still at 1030 and is still bringing us traffic on the 3s.



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    I find it interesting that the FCC

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    would actually issue the call letters WWBZ to a station within WBZ's broadcast range. But I guess checking these sort of things beforehand is out of the question.


    I think there safe...

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    But CBS (Who Own WBZ Ch 4 and AM) might "gently" ask for them to call them selves WWBZ at all times.


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    ...they might care very little since the two audiences are somewhat different in the programming they seek and in geographical area. (Though Athol is part of WBZ's coverage area, for sure.)

    By the way, the legal requirement for identification with their actual assigned callsign (in this case, "WWBZ") and transmitter location is every hour, on the hour, +/- 5 minutes.


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    I grew up in upstate NY with local station WBZA. To this day, whenever I hear "WBZ" it always feels it's missing that ending "A".