Atlas shrugged, ignored the 'CARS ONLY' sign, now Atlas is stuck on Storrow Drive

Truck on Storrow Drive

Paul Villanova captured the scene on Storrow Drive inbound around 8:40 a.m.



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Any bets on a personal GPS...

... on board instead of a commercial GPS?

FWIW, commercial GPS systems have the driver enter the vehicle's height/length/load weight so that it's directed on to routes where it will fit under the bridges and can make the turns.

Do we fine these bastards enough?


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Kinda surprised at this since Atlas are usually CDL drivers. They get paid to know better than to NOT pay attention to signs.

But yeah I bet it was a personal GPS over a commerical one also.

Given the cost of the truck ...

Is it really beyond reason for the owners to equip the rig with a professional GPS? Could they get an insurance discount for doing so?

Seems totally ridiculous not to, even at $200-$300.

Flip of the coin

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Last week, I watched a truck WHACK the hanging sign at the Sumner Tunnel, I was ready for a sardine can experience, but it never came. It made me think that sometimes there MUST be some discrepancy between the signage and the overpass/tunnel. So, is it a matter of truckers ignoring the signs, 99% of the time without incident, and then, there's ONE somewhere that actually means what it says - if your truck is over this height, you're not going to clear?

There's probably a margin of error built in

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They likely hang the signs slightly lower than the height of the tunnel or bridge, so a truck that hits a bump won't top out inside. Also, in case somebody forgets to raise the sign after a new layer of pavement is added. And the bats.

Expedite these

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The MSP really needs to up their game on these. Instead of hours of traffic as the vehicle is gently backed up through the unrelenting packed traffic they just need to fix the problem, then, there. Giant shears, like twin Jaws of Life, to cut the vehicles down to the required height. Or some kind of 12' reciprocating saw, like the old electric meat slicers. Achieving what the truck drivers would have if they'd slammed into whichever bridge, just without damage to civil property. Then send them on their way, to arrive with a giant fine and without the offending couple of top inches of their trailer (Ok, probably need some industrial package tape across the top so they don't just splay open without a roof holding them together.) But seriously, no more coddling these fools: "Sez 11'10" to fit, we're *making* it 11'10" for ya, Buddy! "

a little off topic, but...

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I've been seeing a lot of trucks using the parkways the past couple weeks - did they change the rules or something?

Maybe its time to

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replace the rubber mats with steel beams. I've seen it done elsewhere, and I imagine that would get drivers to stop.

If the truck came from

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If the truck came from Charlesgate (which is very easy to do by accident if you're heading west on Boylston from Mass Ave), it wouldn't have hit any rubber "CARS ONLY" banners. I have no idea why the DCR removed the banners that used to be there.


Damaged at time of 2013 photo?

The 2013 Street View shows a damaged and deflected CARS ONLY sign in the left lane, but nothing in the right lane. It shows chains whose purpose would be to hold such a sign. Maybe a truck had recently run into these, damaging one of them and destroying the other?

I agree, if they aren't there today, the state needs to reinstall them pronto.

Storrow Drive

a taxpayer funded road that discriminates against the freedom of truck driving non readers.

There was a time

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Long ago, like in the '60s, you could not drive a van or pickup truck on Storrow. Because they were trucks. Then lots of cops and legislators started driving the things, and they miraculously stopped being trucks and can drive everywhere.

I remember when the signs

I remember when the signs said "Pleasure Vehicles Only" on all the parkways, not just Storrow (1970s, although I couldn't tell you if the law was actually enforced).