Back Bay filling with strange and magical characters

Anime Boston on the Green Line

Anime Boston has arrived at the Hynes. Matt Karolian, who took this photo, reports:

This guy's face sums up all my feels as a commuter this morning with Anime Boston in town.



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Dear God

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I have to take the green line to Arlington and back this afternoon and evening. I'm a decent person, what did I do to deserve this? Did I kill puppies for kicks in a past life?

On the opposite end of that coin

there were three of those nerds in full costume in the Burger King yesterday and they were taking all kinds of shit from a gang of yutes. I kind of felt bad for them, as they silently stood there and took it.

How Dramatic

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Oh the HORRORS! People who are DIFFERENT will share my train!


Halloween must be torture for you. Or is it OK to dress up in funny clothes if you're drunk on a mainstream holiday?


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I love it.

People who absolutely love something. To show off that love with hard work done in their off time. To the point where they're willing to put up with crap from people who don't seem to understand it.

Which doesn't make sense to me because some people love a sports team, pay good money to wear their clothes (being unpaid advertisers for them), paint their faces ... it's a similar kind of love for something, isn't it?

I love the show of enthusiasm - for anything. It means they aren't dead inside ... :)