Twin potholes of doom eating tires like popcorn on Comm. Ave. at Charlesgate

On the outbound side. Police have put up some cones to try to warn off motorists until the DPW can fill those holes.

Meanwhile, the Burlington Mall is shut down due to a car-eating sinkhole.



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    Those whining motorists who

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    Those whining motorists who expect the government to immediately fix potholes should just do it themselves. They act so entitled, if they want a pothole-free drive they should move somewhere that doesn't have a freeze-thaw cycle.

    Yeah Man

    I used to not care about drivers (as I am one) but after seeing all the complaints about potholes and unplowed roads on Citizens Connect I HATE EVERY DRIVER. They are entitled pricks who complain about the most worthless things and want the government to cater to their ever whim. Well I've had it. From now on I'm going to start hating everyone who drives a car! I hope they (we) all get flat tires due to the potholes. It would serve them (us) right.

    This is an outrage. People who drive on Charlesgate represent a tiny fraction of all the drivers in the city. What right do they (we) have to ask for anything?!?! They (we) should be taking the T anyway as only a lunatic would drive in Boston in the winter. Or better yet, leave this city.

    Potholes damage vehicles

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    Vehicle drivers file insurance claims. Eventually, everyone's premiums go up as a result. Which affects everyone who owns a car, not just the people who drive through Charlesgate.

    Plus, suppose a large pothole (i.e. unavoidable to hit) opens up on your street, and your city's response was "It's not important for us to fix, as only a few people drive on that street."


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    Anon with the win!

    Uhub is turning into the cyclists' Herald

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    Adam, why did you even bother posting this? Maybe you should stick to bicycle headlines only. This used to be a decent local news blog but now it's been taken over by suburban swrrly and her band of bike extremists it's losing its relevance to the average Boston resident. I'm afraid you've given up!

    "her band of bike extremists"

    Anyone else picturing a bunch of cyclists with scarfs around their face and full-face masks with RPGs on their backs and Molotov cocktails in their bikes' bottle holders? I know I am. I can see a totally freakin' awesome/hilarious short film being made out of it.

    Bike Extremists

    Yeah, all those crazy people who know that they have rights to use the roadways, and dare to use them and assert them.

    /deep eyeroll

    I'm pretty sure

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    Swrrly has been around here since I started reading uhub in 2007.


    I date back to the mooninite capers.