Bad weather in New York meant lots of extra landings at Logan

Planes at Logan

Dan Santry photographed some of the planes that landed at Logan today that don't normally get near us, including a Pakistan International Airlines 777 and a LOT 787 (as well as a KLM 747).




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    Dobbs and Duffy

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    were probably too busy bothering standing vehicles on the street side of the terminal to even notice them.

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    In addition to those

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    Per Flight Aware (scroll down to see the KBOS-KJFK flights from yesterday) There were two Delta heavies (an A330 and 767) from Athens and Prague, an Aeroméxico 737, an Alitalia A330 as well as a Finnair 787 and at least one BA 747 that stopped in Boston before heading to JFK. In addition to that, two Air Berlin flights were stopped in Bangor.

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    That's a great website.

    That's a great website. Thanks.

    I could watch those flight-tracking websites all day. I especially love finding a flight I take often and seeing where it is on its path. And, when I'm on a flight, it somehow makes me feel connected when I know that someone could be doing the same thing to my flight.

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    Probably depends. If they

    Probably depends. If they were grounded at KBOS while waiting for KJFK or KEWR to open back up, they would do just that.

    Unless their crew passed the allowable hours worked, in which case the fight would go to a gate, everyone would deplane and go through customs.

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