Bail set at $500,000 for alleged serial drunk in fatal crash

A man with three drunk-driving convictions under his belt wandered away from the car he'd just flipped in Stony Brook Reservation, his companion dead inside, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office charges.

West Roxbury District Court Judge Debra Shopteese agreed with prosecutors to set Jeffrey Mason's bail at $500,000 at his arraignment today.

According to the DA's office:

Mason’s first drunk driving charge was in Chelsea in 1992. His case was continued without a finding for one year, the standard first-time OUI disposition. He was convicted again in West Roxbury in 1995 and received a two-month sentence, and a third time in Quincy in 2006 and received another two-month sentence.

Prosecutors say troopers responding to reports of a crash on Enneking Parkway near Turtle Pond Parkway early Saturday found Mason's 2003 Accord on its roof. EMTs, who got there first with Boston firefighters, declared Lillian Grover, 41, of Roslindale. dead.

The driver was not in the car. A witness told first responders that he had helped the driver out through the window. A short time later, troopers heard a man’s voice from the woods nearby. Upon investigating, they found Mason lying on the ground about 20 feet into the woods across the street from the vehicle.

Mason was injured but was able to speak. He allegedly stated that his tire had blown out, causing him to lose control of the vehicle. As he spoke, troopers detected the strong odor of alcohol on his breath, observed his eyes to be bloodshot and glassy, and noted his speech to be slurred. He was placed in an ambulance and transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Innocent, etc.



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That means

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Basically, its like a bench probation period. If you stay out of trouble for the period, in this case a year, then the charges are dropped. If you can't stay out of trouble, or whatever else, then the continuance is lifted and prosecutors are free to pursue the original charges against you in full, along with whatever new trouble you got yourself into.

Or let a lawyer tell you:

Close, but not quite

It is a probationary period, but if you violate the terms of your probation, the case isn't reopened and put on the trial track. The Probation Department surrenders you for the violation, and a probation surrender hearing is conducted with a much lower standard of proof than trial ("preponderance of the evidence" v. "beyond a reasonable doubt") to determine if you actually committed a violation. Then, because you've already admitted to the facts of the original case, your CWOF can be changed to a guilty finding and any penalty allowed by statute can be imposed.


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People make it seem like this is his 4th charge with drinking and driving in past couple months. But he hasnt been in trouble for over 15 years and the lady was a close family friend of his so of course he didnt know/think anything would happen. So people need to get facts straight before slamming him.

Time flies

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and a third time in Quincy in 2006 and received another two-month sentence

But he hasnt been in trouble for over 15 years

It's 2021 already? Gosh durn it... I blink and the years fly by.

Actually no

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The U.S. is strangely tolerant of driving while impaired. If you have had too much to drink don't drive. Couldn't be simpler.

Completely agree.. It's easy

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Completely agree.. It's easy for strangers to be so harsh and judgmental. No one on here knows this man, knows the scenario, or knows the evidence. Not everything you read is true. The news manipulates people so they can get a good story. Not taking away from the women or her family because it truely is a horrible tragedy. But remember people, this man has family too. Think before you judge.

how is that relevant in any way?

the lady was a close family friend of his so of course he didnt know/think anything would happen

How is that relevant? How does the second part of the sentence even follow from the first?

You miss the rationale

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People only crash their cars while driving drunk when they don't have close family friends in the car with them. Duh!

Seriously, though, I don't mnd people saying the defendant is an overall good person (I don't know the guy, so I won't say either way), but unless some amazing evidence comes out, he is responsible for the death of someone due to his actions. Let's not lose sight of that.

But he hasnt been in trouble

But he hasnt been in trouble for over 15 years and the lady was a close family friend of his so of course he didnt know/think anything would happen.

So what? Does that make it all right? You sound like my six-year-old son after he hit his sister in the head with a toy: "It was an ACCIDENT!"

Thank you!!!!! For your

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Thank you!!!!! For your comment.
People on here, some if the disgraceful. No one is bashing anyone. Facts are, right as the media has them. He was driving. She is dead. He ran from her. The only statement that is not true, is.they were close. No, the were friends, whom known each other for many many years. Its sicking fir me as a best friend of hers ti read someone elses comment, that made it seem weather they knew eachother or, was close, or not seem to have justified something... so a BIG THANK YOU, FOR LETTING THEM KNOW HOW EXTREMELY STUPID THEY SOUND. OOPPSS I MEAN ARE !
Rest in the sweetest peace lillian grover xoxo
Forever my best friend

She was no saint either

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listen I'm not talking ill of the dead here or anything but I don't like how the news and the papers are making this woman out to be mother Theresa or something when she was anything but, don't get me wrong it is an absolute tragedy that she died but she was no saint, I'm not going to put her business out there but it ain't pretty lets just leave it at that, and this guy is a good guy who's just made some bad choices and struggled with addiction, I wonder how many of u out there who commented on this were one step shy of being where he is because that could have happened to any one of us, because I know I'm not the only one here who's had a couple drinks and drove, I've almost crashed on that parkway dead sober , it's just a really bad road. So let's not judge here, is it a tragedy that this happened, absolutely, but let's remember there are two families affected here and that neither party involved was innocent.

Who was driving the car?

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That's really all anybody needs to know about guilt or innocence when it comes to a charge of drunk driving. Whatever demons she may or may not have had do not excuse the way she died.

It's impressive the man has so many caring friends, but at this point, it's really not enough, not when he's on his fourth arrest, not when he's now charged with behavior that killed somebody.

And I think all of you really need to spend some serious time wondering whether you really have done enough or if you were just enabling somebody who has three OUI convictions whose luck finally ran out, to the point that you've now gone so despicably low as to blame a poor, dead woman for his behavior.

In another state or country ...

She would be human and alive, if not a saint, because your buddy would have gone to jail a while ago.

He got one too many chances as it is - why are you here smearing someone who can't fight back in the defense of someone who should already have been in jail?

Oh, and please - stop enabling your drunk friends and go pick up a grammar workbook or two.

This is relevant how?

How was she in any way responsible for what happened to her?

The driver should never be allowed to touch either a steering wheel or a drop of alcohol, ever again.


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They don't find you guilty...or not guilty. They basically wait for 1 year to see if you do anything stupid again. If you don't, then they void the past case. This is often accompanied by an agreement for you to go to counseling, etc. as a bargain for having not slammed you with a felony charge for life.

Wait, a judge accepted the

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Wait, a judge accepted the procecutors request? Is that a typo? Pff, what is this Texas or somethin'?