Fire underneath West Roxbury appliance store goes to two alarms

Blue Hill Radio Co. fire in West Roxbury

A fire that erupted shortly before 1:30 p.m. in the basement under the Blue Hill Radio Co. on Centre Street went to two alarms before being brought under control.

The appliance store is in a block that also includes Sticky Rice, Mr. Sweeper, Wicked Sharp and the now vacant former home of Pazzo Books.

The Boston Fire Department reports no injuries.



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    Sadness and wishes

    This obscure store has many parts and gadgets for appliances and such, serving the purposes Ye Olde Radio Shack used to. I wish them little damage and a quick reopening. They are valuable.


    Great store

    By on

    Great store, have bought many appliances there. Prices decent and great repair people. Have had them help me for years. Very decent folks.