Bay State Banner: Henriquez sentenced, kicked out of House to pander to women

The Bay State Banner waxes outraged about the recent House vote to eject state Rep. Carlos Henriquez following his conviction on a couple of domestic-violence charges stemming from what the Banner calls "an unseemly but private matter:"

Clearly, America has two serious social problems: the physical abuse of women and the unjust imprisonment of black men. Apparently, [Judge Michele] Hogan believes that intensifying injustice to black men benefits the cause of abused women. And, in a blatant appeal for the women’s vote, politicians have crassly supported Henriquez’s removal from office.



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    Mel Miller is a fraud

    Miller's a fraud, the paper a joke. Wouldn't trust the paper if it said it was February 22. Guy doesn't pay his debts, paper never retracts clear errors, and has long lost its credibility.


    Doing time for the crime...

    If the Black men in prison didn't 'do the crime' they wouldn't be doing the time. Some will call this a racist thing to say. But I don't see it that way at all. It's the simple truth being told about the reality of the situation that the Bay State Banner wants everyone to be silent about.


    I guess our elected nobility

    I guess our elected nobility shouldn't have to deal with the equal protection under law expected from the peasantry.

    That our supposed watchdog press would go to such lengths to condone abuses by elected of their constituents speaks volumes how some in the press are nothing more than political operatives with bylines.



    you know, he's a woman-beating dirtbag? This is just as foul as the local NAACP defending him. Good to know the Bay State Banner is a rag fit for nothing but soaking up some spilled Dunkies on the Orange Line.


    BSB and Mel are correct

    First, any time the legislature kicks someone out, they are overruling the voters. The people of the district voted for Carlos.

    Now they have no representative. But I guess poor people don't need representatives in the General Court.

    Second, this was a misdemeanor he was convicted of. There was no serious injury to the victim. Again, how does the legislature deprive the people of the district of representation?

    Third, the white woman judge gave the maximum sentence of incarceration to a black man who had no previous criminal record. Why not probation?

    I wonder how she sentences white guys from Chestnut Hill and Belmont?


    no serious injury to the victim...?

    he beat a woman up for not having sex with him. i would say that counts as serious injury. the physical assault is bad enough, but the mental trauma that accompanies that kind of situation can be severe. just because he didn't maim her, kill her, or rape her -- it doesn't mean she came through this unscathed.


    Were you there?

    There was no serious physical injury, She had bruises on her arms, consistent from him holding her from hitting him.

    No bruises or scratches on the face, so much for the "beating."

    What really happened, who knows? Juries can get it wrong. Could have happened, could been bad lawyering, don't know why he didn't testify.

    Anyways, let the voters decide, the House was grandstanding when they expelled him.

    Stop snitching?

    Is this some variation on the stop snitching ethos that's worked such wonders in his district? First, don't help the police catch criminals. Second, be sure to disparage any successful conviction which does happen? The justice process isn't perfect, it's not ok to let a person convicted of assault sit in our government, just because he says he's innocent. He can run for office again if he wants after he's served his sentence.

    Also, your attempt at victim blaming is gross. I don't know what happened and I'm sure you also don't. She thought she was assaulted and the justice system agreed. That's enough for me.


    Do you remember Judge King and Judge Heffernan?

    No bruises or scratches on the face, so much for the "beating."

    They would bully and berate women seeking orders of protection because "they didn't have any bruises" and "shouldn't be wasting the court's time".

    And then? The women would be murdered by their abusers.

    Sounds like you want to be the judge here ... just like King and Heffernan used to be. Fortunately, there was a judge and a jury who understand the law and the consequences of not enforcing it.


    I remember Judge King

    Helluva guy, dismissed my suspended license case for $100 when I hadn't paid a speeding ticket. Made some jokes at my expense, but it was all good.

    For every woman in legit fear getting a restraining order, there's at least one other woman getting one to get back at a cheating boyfriend or something like that.

    Everybody knows this, but you can't say it in the media.

    Anyways, the subject is d e m o c r a c y : that is, allowing the people of the Fifth Suffolk make up their own minds about Carlos.



    5th Suffolk got their choice, who then got thrown out for being a convicted criminal. Now they'll get to pick someone else, also from their district.

    WTF is your core argument, they are being disenfranchised if there are ever any penalties for a criminal act by their rep?


    Prove it

    For every woman in legit fear getting a restraining order, there's at least one other woman getting one to get back at a cheating boyfriend or something like that.
    Everybody knows this

    Just. Fucking. Prove. It.


    Hello from 5th Suffolk. I can

    Hello from 5th Suffolk. I can tell you that many here are quite disappointed in how things turned out but almost no one shares your conspiracy theories that "da man" is out to oppress Mr. Henriquez and deprive the rest of us of representation.

    Come April we will have a special election and choose someone else, these things take time but most folks would rather have a Rep. without complications and doubts.

    I can't follow your logic at all-should Henriquez not be in jail after due process and a jury trial?

    And once in jail how could he be an effective Rep. without receiving special consideration? Who should have the last word here, Judge Deselby?




    For every woman in legit fear getting a restraining order, there's at least one other woman getting one to get back at a cheating boyfriend or something like that.
    Everybody knows this, but you can't say it in the media.

    is a bunch of crap, deselby!

    Domestic violence is domestic violence, assault is assault, and a beating is a beating, when it comes to domestic violence. Just because a woman who's a victim of domestic violence isn't bruised, seriously injured, permanently maimed or killed by her husband or boyfriend doesn't mean that she's not mentally and psychologically and emotionally scarred by it all. She carries it with her for the rest of her life, whether you realize it or not.

    So the judge(s) in question dismissed your suspended license in exchange for a $100.00 fine! Big deal. I'm curious as to why your license was suspended in the first place.

    restraining order abuse well known

    If you live in the 'hood, you know. This happens all the time. I even overheard it on an Orange Line platform - two young women talking "If you want to get him back, put a restraining order on him"

    Where are your statistics showing that I am wrong? And please don't give me anything from some biased group.

    'Hood Mentality

    As someone who grew up in the city, I have seen this many times.

    According to your story, why was the woman wanting to get back at him? Did he give her a harmless smack in the mouth? Lovingly shove her into a wall? Gently grab her arm? Mentally terrorize her? You don't know, do you? You really don't know shit. You think women go through effort of filing a restraining order because they're jealous or for the fun of it? Seriously, you're a fucking moron.

    Justifying domestic violence is ridiculous. Carlos Henriquez was voted out because HE'S IN FUCKING JAIL! How could he possibly represent his constituents while sitting in a jail cell? The guy is an animal, plain and simple. You cannot put your hands on woman. White, black, brown, yellow, purple, color doesn't matter. If you put your hands on a woman you're a scumbag, a coward and a piece of shit who doesn't deserve to work at McDonalds, never mind the State House.

    And, hey, if you don't think domestic violence is a big deal, go talk to Jennifer Martels family.


    Which "hood" are you referring to?

    When I was coming up in some of the many "hoods" in this city, most of the women I know who had issues with guys that might warrant a restraining order usually turned to their brothers before they involved the man. Also, if the cops do show up nine times out of ten they can tell when someone of either sex is lying.

    Now I will admit that I have been witness to many scenes on the past where a woman has told the cops that her man laid hands on her just to get him out of the house for a bit, but I can honestly say that I've never seen a woman go through the system just to get back at her man, it's too much trouble to most to go through the frustrations of our court system.

    as Carl Sagan said...

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You made this extraordinary claim: one half of all women applying for restraining orders are lying.

    Now prove it.

    It is no more up to me to prove your extraordinary statement isn't true than it would be up to me to prove that "Pigs fly" is not true. If you want to convince me that pigs fly, you must provide the evidence.

    Sounds to me like

    Hentiquez was probably not well liked by his colleagues at the state house. Others have mentioned the guy has a reputation for being an arrogant jerk, this probably plays a major role in his demise.


    So says Mr. Miller...

    "Henriquez was convicted on two misdemeanor counts of a domestic violence charge brought by a female acquaintance. It was an unseemly but private matter."

    Sorry, Mr. Miller, once the "female acquaintance" made a police report, it was no longer a "private matter". It was society's matter. And, that's as it should be.