Bay State Banner says loans from agency funded by BRA not loans from the city

The Bay State Banner is very angry with a Globe story questioning whether the city should ever have loaned the weekly paper $200,000.

The crux of the Banner's argument is that it never took city loans, because the loans - for which it's made one payment in four years - actually came from "the Boston Local Development Corp., a nonprofit corporation with an independent board of trustees."

For some reason, the Banner doesn't then add that the corporation is an affiliate of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, which provides much of its funds and which is run by a board of directors appointed by the mayor. But maybe that would undercut its argument that the Globe was being irresponsible in calling the loans "city" loans.

The Banner also notes that the Globe got Publisher Mel Miller's age mixed up with that of former state Rep. Mel King, and says that's proof the Globe thinks all blacks are alike.



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This could be seen as a battle between two newspapers for the soul of the city ,but in reality no one from Dorchester,Roxbury,Mattapan or Southie reads either the Banner or the Globe

And you know this because, ...?

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So if like one single person, from Roxbury, actually did read the Banner - does that mean your theory is wrong? Or do two people need to read it? Just wondering if there was anyway you could make a more general comment, which was incorrect.. Oh, and I live in Roxbury and read the Banner.

Yeah ok.

The BRA loan is not from the city and I don't drink..well unless you're buying.