Bitter old clown complains about David Ortiz's post-Marathon comments

Suck it, Shank.

Dan Shaughnessy had his yearly Ortiz hategasm today, erupting in a paroxysm of disgust for the player whose fundamental evil for some reason only he is able to recognize. But he was apparently a paragraph short in his recounting of every last horrible thing David Ortiz has ever done, so he threw this in at the end:

Last, and least, the rules say you’re not supposed to use the f-bomb when you are on live television. When David Ortiz told the world, “This is our [expletive] city!,’’ we made T-shirts commemorating the phrase, and the chairman of the FCC tweeted his approval.

And why wouldn’t he? Big Papi is the greatest. He delivers. He’s bigger than the game. That’s why everybody loves him.

I realize Shaughnessy is the columnist equivalent of a vampire, who will quickly die without the fresh blood he gets by riling people up, and I guess he succeeded again, or I wouldn't have gotten this far with this post, but, really, attacking Ortiz for helping to bring the city together after an event that, unlike anything Ortiz has ever done, truly was evil? Have you no sense of decency, sir?



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    Still hoping for a change

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    I was hoping once John Henry took over that CHB's days were over.
    Think of all the folks out there who could do a great column and only cost 1/2 as much.
    But, alas that seems to not be the case.

    Ding Ding Ding!

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    And we have a winner here folks. For everyone else commenting on this post, thanks for playing and better luck next time!


    Thanks Moxie.

    There may be the smart biz reason as well where the other cane shakers who recoil in shriveled horror at "the language".. can be mollified and vindicated.

    Running a paper nowadays probably depends on keeping your subscriber base happy.

    Shaughnessy gets it right with Ortiz

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    One of the better columns I've seen about Ortiz. Good for Shaughnessy. It only seems harsh because it's so unusual for anyone in this city's media to call out anyone they're intimidated by, be it Menino, Milan Lucic, Ortiz or certain others. Shaughnessy gets it right with Ortiz, from his unwillingness to run out grounders and pop-ups, arrogant staring at home runs, violent temper tantrums, positive test for PEDs and ignorant and unnecessary post-marathon profanity in front of thousands of children at Fenway and watching at home, not to mention victims in the earliest stages of their grief after the Islamic terrorism at the Marathon. The only thing Shaughnessy left out was the biennial Ortiz whining about "disrespect" for not having his contract extended a year in advance.


    Troll troll troll

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    Sing to the tune of the national anthem:

    Troll troll troll troll troll troll
    Troll troll troll troll troll troll
    Troll troll troll troll troll troll
    Troll troll troll troll troll troll troll
    And so on and so forth...



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    I never did understand the reason why people thought his comments (in a very public forum) were acceptable to so many of us.
    I am no prude. I swear a lot. But for some reason when I watched him do this I thought he was wrong.
    As far as Shaughnessy and The Boston Globe go; they deserve each other. The Globe %$#@s!



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    The word "fuck" is everywhere, lighten up. It really took Shaughnessy over a year to whine about Papi's comments? I'm shocked. I guess he was waiting for the sox, or him to slump before busting out this gem.


    "Everybody is doing it!"

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    I guess just because it is said or written on a wall everywhere it's OK? Maybe this is part of a general lack of civility in today's society.
    I recall something I read during my days in the Marine Corps (there was no swearing there!). It was an introduction for new recruits. It simply stated that: "Profanity is nothing other than a lack of one's ability to express themselves in a socially acceptable manner."
    You can scoff at this. I did. But there is something in that statement we should ponder.
    Anyone can cuss. I am not impressed.
    Have a swell day everyone!

    I'm not impressed by it

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    nor am I offended by it. The same way I'm neither impressed nor offended by your lack of swearing. It's a word, nothing more, nothing less. Your "socially acceptable" isn't always going to be my "socially acceptable".

    Shaughnessy = Clueless

    You gotta love how Shaughnessy thinks he is still relevant to Boston sports. And calling him "equivalent of a vampire" was indeed brilliant.


    Maybe Just Me

    But I would be happy to pay a little extra in city taxes to put Papi on the city payroll as Head Chief of General Awesomeness for the rest of his life.


    CHB Against Humanity

    The card game for terrible sportswriters.

    I suspect that he is beginning to write his columns using the mad-lib method that Howie Carr uses (Carr Against Humanity?). He seems to cut up his old columns and remix them with the same tired cliches and grievances spun into "new" stuff for the Boston Globe to pay him for.


    Look, agree with the writer

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    Look, agree with the writer or not, he is a columnist and he is doing his job. If you disagree, fine. But name calling and ageism is very high school. Are you the kind of person who pickets university speakers whose views are counter to yours.

    He's been covering the beat for years and has some insight. You're a newbie by comparison.


    I'm no more a newbie on that one topic than him

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    Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have used the word "old," but Mr. Shaughnessy is no more of an expert on the events of last April than any other Bostonian. If he had left off that little coda, I probably wouldn't have posted anything - that's what ticked me off, not his tired annual Ortiz bashing.


    What insight?

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    He never played professional baseball, got cut from his college team, and has made so many enemies over the years with his whiny columns and shit-starting, I'm shocked anyone even bothers talking to him. In fact, I doubt they do. Nothing in his column provided any "insight", as opposed to a Peter Gammons, or a Chad Finn. He just takes the opposite position of most rational individuals and tries to get page clicks in the hopes of getting picked up by ESPN one day.


    Why does he even have this soapbox?

    he is a columnist and he is doing his job

    I think that many of us are simply wondering why being a columnist is still his job. When he's not whining about something stupid to get attention, he's mailing it in. They should have ditched him years ago.


    Part of being a columnist is

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    Part of being a columnist is saying things to stir up the conversation. He has done a good job with that. The whining, etc., is your opinion, of course. I'm no fan, don't read the globe anymore (the site/paper was always lame). You can disagree with a columnist's views. Just skip the personal attacks on the human. Or, write your own well reasoned diatribe. Oh and if you had to write a column every day or so, not just an internet rant, you might have a clunker here and there.

    Here and there?

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    I think that's the problem - it's not just a "here and there" thing with him anymore.

    I wonder if "columnist'

    .. is another fading thing to some extent.

    The core of what I try to do with web 2.0 is what I call 'enhanced utility'.

    I want the stuff I make to be useful for people.

    Opinion lobbing is great fun but it's like a sugar rush compared with the satisfaction of watching some thing I made get used.

    The easy proliferation of opinion oddly atomizes it.

    But aggregation of useful stuff into a coherent working whole runs in the other direction.

    In a way, the greatest advantage of U Hub is your skillful curated aggregation.

    The classic flow of stuff that has been in newspapers forever is shifted by the wealth of sources like subway choke twitters and so on.

    What would A. J. Liebling make of it all?


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    He should have retired years ago. His whole thing is to try to be controversial by going against the grain. He's a tired old dinosaur with Harpo Marx hair.

    He's a total Poopy Head.

    His mother dresses him funny.

    AND he's a jerkface.

    A columnist, not a reporter

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    I would agree, if he was a reporter and we were being petty based on a story. However, being a columnist, and being himself in particular, is essentially being a critic. The nature of his writing screams ridicule in return.

    He's blasting Ortiz. He doubled down today. We like Ortiz. Should we be showering him with praise?

    By the way, protesting commencement speakers is not a bad thing. Demanding they don't speak is a bad thing. The reality is that CHB needs someone to be his whipping boy, and we will whip CHB in return. Ever seen pro wrestling?

    Bitter Old Clown

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    That, Adam, is what I've been looking for to describe him all these years. Dan "Crusty" Shaughnessy. Thank you!