Blimp, blimp, blimp

Blimps over Boston!

Roving UHub photographer Ted Schwartzberg looked up late yesterday afternoon for Boston's first ever blimp parade - featuring the Hood, DirectTV and MetLife blimps in a grand procession of blimpiness (maybe next year they can have blimp races).



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    It's like that commercial during Sox games that show Wally and Charlie at games - large objects of unusual size just like to pal around.

    More better ?

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    More better ?
    In honor of the pitching duo, Boston Post sports editor Gerald V. Hern wrote this poem which the popular media eventually condensed to "Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain":[9]

    First we'll use Spahn
    then we'll use Sain
    Then an off day
    followed by rain
    Back will come Spahn
    followed by Sain
    And followed
    we hope
    by two days of rain.

    Please explain what you mean.

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    Please explain what you mean. Think you are seeing something that is not there, or you hate the National League.

    Kind of Cool

    I actually thought this was kind of cool. When do you ever get to see multiple blimps flying in formation?

    Blimpin Ain't Easy

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    Can't believe I missed this!

    UHub: #1 in Storrowings, shootings, space savers, AND blimps!

    Not dirigibles

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    but blimps.

    A dirigible has a rigid frame (like the Hindenburg). A blimp is just a big gas bag, with no internal structure.

    The Hindenburg was originally designed

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    to use helium, which was only available from the United States at the time. However, thanks to Hitler, we refused to sell it to the Zeppelin Company. So the ship was redesigned to use hydrogen instead.

    Of course, the principal reason for the Hindenburg disaster, which was not known until many years later, was due to the reflective coating that the Zeppelin company used on the ship. A new formulation not used on previous airships, the skin was "doped" with what was effectively liquid thermite. When the mooring lines were dropped, it caused a static discharge to go through the frame of the ship. Arcing across frame components caused the thermite dope on the skin to ignite. The intense heat created by this external fire eventually caused the gas bags containing the hydrogen to explode.

    Indeed , hydrogen is very

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    Indeed , hydrogen is very tricky to with , static electricity is no friend. Grounding cables are our friends!

    Oh, the irony

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    A mention of big gas bags with no internal structure on an internet blog/chat site.

    I was just about to insult Roadman with that

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    Nothing against the guy, but you can't leave a possible insult like that just sitting around without someone shooting back "you're a big bag of gas with no internal structure."

    Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to step away from the computer. My head is killing me.