Board: Fenway Park not to blame for fan fall; downtown bar not to blame for heroin OD

The Boston Licensing Board last week decided that Fenway Park was not to blame for a fan falling two stories down an elevator shaft after a May game and that the Green Dragon near Faneuil Hall was equally blameless for the death of a man due to an apparent heroin overdose in its men's room.

After hearings on both matters, the board ruled "no violation" in both cases.



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    Fenway alcohol service not to blame

    It sounds like this means that they are "not to blame" in terms of violating their liquor license rules.

    I'm assuming that they may be to blame if an elevator was broken/malfunctioned, but that's outside the license board jurisdiction?


    Pardon the pun, but in a

    Pardon the pun, but in a situation like this you've got to cover the bases, and the licensing board probably came to their quick decision first. It'll take longer for the physical elevator ruling. They probably have to t dig through inspection records as well.

    Not quite

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    Yes, the board has jurisdiction because of the liquor licensing laws, but that includes ensuring a safe venue for the public - and that means considering things beyond whether somebody was overserved.


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    I think they got it right in both cases from what we've learned following along from home.



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    Did they issue decision explaining their findings ?

    The way you word this makes

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    The way you word this makes it seem like you are displeased in the decisions to not punish Fenway and Green Dragon.

    How would you word it then?

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    I provided far more extensive coverage of the actual hearings last week (follow the links). So if you called up the licensing board and were told the board issued "no violation" findings, what would you have written?

    How about

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    Board backs bar and ballpark

    Licensing Board declines shafting Fenway over elevator incident; Green Dragon not under fire either

    Red Sox deserve to be punished, but not for elevator fall

    Green Dragon gets away with murder, convinces licensing board victim OD'd, says Herald