Boat moored at East Boston dock goes up in flames

Ed Baur reports a 60-foot boat docked at the marina off Condor Street caught fire around 2 a.m.


On March 5, another boat caught fire and sank at a Charlestown marina.



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    I was wondering!

    By on

    I remember waking up last night to sirens thundering down my street. Wouldn't be surprised if it was some hooligans looking for a way to entertain themselves. The boats down there are all old and seemingly abandoned...

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    Not abandoned at all

    By on

    There are several house boats there, as well as a lot of people who live on their yachts/sailboats

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    boat fire

    By on

    The vessel that burned was 40 feet and none of the boats in that marina are abandoned. Also the boat to the left behind the Hatteras with the ball of flame over it is my vessel and was not damaged.

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    Unsupervised Marina!!!

    By on

    It's a do what you want Marina no upkeep or maintenance,no manager on duty, yet another fire not surprised!!!

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