Body found in harbor that of missing North End man


The Suffolk County District Attorney's office is identifying the body removed from near Long Wharf yesterday as that of Eric Munsell, 24, who was last seen outside a Broad Street bar on Feb. 8.

A surveillance camera later showed Munsell near Long Wharf. His body was found early yesterday afternoon by the marina on the Columbus Park side of Long Wharf.

An initial investigation showed no signs of foul play.



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    RIP, Poor kid.

    By on

    That area is a handful.

    I was thinking after my last weigh-in on this problem about the time I got glassy eyed blind drunk back in the spring of 2008.

    And I somehow mindlessly headed the wrong way down Hampshire St at the Prospect intersection and I was down by Kendall before I figured it out.

    If I was at the waterfront, you'd all be off the hook for my pestiferous pecking.

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    On his birthday no less

    By on

    and after getting kicked out of a bar,without his jacket, on an extremely cold night,for what? And why didn't he call friends still inside the bar, and why didn't they notice him gone and call him?

    Very sad all around. RIP

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    My condolences to his family.

    My condolences to his family.

    Was that part of the harbor frozen over this winter? I'm curious why it took so long to find the body.

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    Sometimes bodies get stuck in

    By on

    Sometimes bodies get stuck in the pilings and when a really high tide comes, they will float out.

    Such a sad story, I hope this gentleman's family will have some closure.

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