Body pulled from the Charles

Authorities are trying to figure out the identity of a man in his 20s whose body was removed from the Charles River near the Community Boating boathouse this afternoon.

"The death does not appear suspicious at this time, but the facts and circumstances remain under investigation," a spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding investigators are checking with local colleges.



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    Is there a serial killer in Boston? All these boys of the same age keep winding up in water....but everytime it's not suspicious?

    This is like the 5th or 6th in the last 2 years. So either we have a killer, or we need to start talking about why so many boys are drinking too much and falling in water, or committing suicide. All three are a problem.

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    I would hope someone has given a serious look to all these deaths. The guy who was out in the financial district and was just found in the harbor was incredibly suspicious to me. He lived in the north end, didn't have a jacket, yet decided to go for a stroll by the water on a 20 degree night? I just don't see it, nor do I see how he "slips" into the water...much like the other man who was in his 20's who did the exact same thing a year or so ago (I forget the actual story, but he was staying at the Long Wharf marriot). Either something fishy is going on, or the paths around the water get really slippery late at night in the winter.

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    The guy who was found in Boston Harbor wasn't just out for a stroll on a 20 degree night. He was out celebrating his birthday, was too drunk to be in the bar with his friends, either left or was kicked out (probably forgetting he had a jacket) and was last tracked walking towards the waterfront. Terrible accidents happen when you "blackout" and don't have control over yourself.

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    I have been saying this for a

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    I have been saying this for a while now. Any time a young guy goes missing, my husband and I immediately reference the Smiley Face killer theory. It's just way too fishy that it would all be 20-something year old guys and zero girls. I feel like it would be much more plausible that a drunk girl would go walking, stumble in her high heels, hit her head and fall in the water than it would be for like 10 guys to do it.

    And it's not even just in Boston, there was that Harvard grad who was celebrating with his friends in Portland ME, and they say left to go back to his hotel and then found him in the water days later, with no explanation as to why.

    it's just all so suspect.

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