This is Boston - as a cool model-train set

This is Boston



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      Well, as Ernie Boch says, it was new to me ...

      I know

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      I know I was the same way when i saw it.. 10 months old. Always amazes me what will get picked up and spread, even if its old

      Still a great video.

      Awful music.

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      Because nothing says Boston like a dreadful synthpop band from the UK.

      Nothing says Boston like...

      .... criticizing something well-done, pissing all over it, and being negative in general.

      I didn't happen to think the music was perfect either, but I did appreciate the time, effort, and techniques involved in making that film. Didn't you?

      Nobody is stopping you

      Create your own epic timelapse anthology of Boston, and pick whatever you like for a sound track.

      Go right ahead.


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      I concur. Always a tool head there to shit on someone else's creativity.

      I'd love to know....

      ... just what percentage of Bostonians have this attitude (and also any patterns as to the ethnic makeup of those who display this attitude). This AH-ish attitude -- along with the propensity to strew trash (even when easy to dispose of it properly) -- strikes me as Boston's least attractive aspect.

      Agree about the prevalence of

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      Agree about the prevalence of AHs, but curious why you think it is tied to certain ethnic groups (and which one(s) you think have the most if them). In my opinion, supported by some of my fellow passengers on the red line, AHs and trash stewing cut across every ethnic group, as do genuinely nice people. Looking to blame one ethnic group is very old Boston in itself, and my family has been here for generations.

      Don't be ridiculous-

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      There are Assholes everywhere, from every walk of life, every nationality in every state, country, continent and possibly planet. It's our job to drag them out into the light and kick sand in their faces.

      Don't look to closely at it. You'll give yourself agida.

      No argument there....

      ... but my (wholly impressionistic) sense is that the aggressive AH percentage here is perhaps measurably higher than anywhere else I've lived or visited. My other gut feeling is that it doesnn't really take a very high percentage of such types to create a bad vibe (because people remember highly unpleasant behavior more than neutral behavior or even mildly good behavior).

      I don't worry about agida because I already have to take Nexium in any event....

      On a happier note, today a youngish guy listening to music on some electronic device got up and gave me his seat. This was the first time an electronic-device-connected individual has done this (for me, in any event -- previously lots of device-unconnected people have been kind in this way).

      It is a Masshole thing

      I'm not sure what parts of the local culture breed it and maintain it, but the whole stretch of NJ to NH is pretty in-your-face nasty compared to much of the country.

      Seems to show up again and again in assessments of cultural differences in the US.

      As someone who moved here from Philly

      Boston is *much* worse, at least in daily life. As someone else noted above, it takes only a few really nasty people to make the inhabitants of a place seem rude and/or boorish.

      Philadelphia's sports fans have a bad reputation due largely to the famed 700 Level at the former Veterans Stadium, a/k/a "The World's Largest Outdoor Insane Asylum." These were the people who booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus during a halftime show at an Eagles game. The Vet even had a jail and a courthouse in the basement for arrest, detention, and arraignment for public-disorder type crimes like public drunkenness, drunk-and-disorderly, public urination, and so on.

      The replacement stadiums, Citizen's Bank Park (for baseball) and Lincoln Financial Field (for football), haven't given rise to anything similar.

      I'm pretty sure the boorish behavior, for the most part, did not spill over into daily life, and sports fans are not really representative of the general population. At least, I never experienced that kind of behavior on my numerous (at least once a week, for a while, in the late 80s) trips into Philly between 1985 and 1999.

      Question about the miniaturization effect thingy.. case anyone in the know is reading. What is the technique called, that causes it to look like a gigantic-yet-miniaturized toy set? I've seen stop-motion outdoor films that give that effect, and I *think* there's a name to the technique--and I think it has the word "tilt" in it. Anyone know? (yes I tried to Google unsuccessfully)

      By the way I'm not referring to the "motion control slider" mentioned on the site where the film comes from; I believe that is a piece of equipment. I'm referring to the stop motion technique whose name I can't recall.

      Or, I'm completely full of shit. But if anyone knows what I'm referring to please reply!

      Tilt-Shift photography. This

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      Tilt-Shift photography. This was done in the video post recording. Normally its a technique used while taking the photograph to give the appearance of miniaturization. hope that helps!

      It's called 'tilt-shift'.

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      It's called 'tilt-shift'. What happens is that a camera with a special type of lens (one that can be tilted, for focus in this case) is used to dramatically change the depth of field (that which can be seen in focus in a image) to something much smaller and more stark.

      Thisis a good resource for what happens and how the process works.

      You are thinking of tilt-shift - but that's not what was used

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      As anons and MR VEGAS pointed out - the effect seen here was done after the video was taken. It's more generally (and accurately) called diorama effect or miniature-faking.

      A "tilt-shift" lens setup is typically used in still photography to correct issues of parallax when shooting something very tall from up close. It is also used to do miniature-faking, but if you know what to look for you can see the difference between the image a tilt-shift lens produces and a diorama effect done later on the computer.

      This effects on this vid were all done in post.

      Mister Roger's Neighborhood

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      On certian parts, I felt like I was watching the intro of Mister Roger's Neighborhood or a real high-resolution of SimCity 4 or something (where the people look like ants)

      Excellent effect, makes it almost surreal.

      Great fantasy video!

      Yes, Boston sure does look lovely in the month of June, doesn’t it?

      Notice how there’s no imagery of the 6 months of brutal winter Boston gets whacked with – the bitter cold, the snow storms, the blizzards, the nasty snow banks lining the sidewalks, people who don’t shovel, the city trucks blasting & pelting rock salt all over creation, and the arrogant Massholes who stake a claim on a parking spot from October to April with space savers like orange cones, baby strollers, and whatever else they can get their claws on? There’s also no visuals of the recent spike in Boston crime (49 murders so far in 2014?). And, unless I blinked, I didn’t see any shots of the ailing, decrepit, broken, ‘forever in debt’ Transit system we call the MBTA. Anyway, carry on, “yay, Boston Strong”!

      Don't we always go into

      Don't we always go into denial about winter right about now? "Snow? It snows in Boston? There's winter and it's cold? Are you sure?" Then come about October, we start to panic, "Winter's coming. Noooooooooo!"

      Boston video

      That was pretty cool. Boston is a beautiful place, especially in the summer. It would have been better if the music had been some sick Norwegian death metal, or maybe some GWAR instead of British dance music. Cinematography was great. Well done, whoever the hell did that.

      I'd like a second slice too

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      I loved the Mr. Roger effect.

      But I would like to see another run at the "other" Boston that is not represented in this video. How about Castle Island? Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Dudley Sq., BHA, Franklin Park (one of Olmsted's pearls in the necklace, Eastie, Southie (projects and Yuppies), the student tidewave every September, etc etc etc...

      Seemed a little white bread to me (being white myself).

      It would be nice to re-frame the city's gateway neighborhoods using the Mr. Rogers technique that I think, really works well.