Boston mapped by song lyrics

Vanyaland interviews Constantine Valhouli, who has added Boston-area locations referenced by song lyrics to a Google map.



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    Everyone knows that was

    Everyone knows that was written about Electric Avenue in Brighton, LOL.

    Yeah, seriously, though, they're really reaching if they're including that song just because the name of the street is the same. I'm sure lots of towns had "Electric Avenues" around the turn of the century.

    This filled me with all kinds

    This filled me with all kinds of 617 pride, but, eh, I don't have time to watch all those videos and the only lines that came to me immediately were from Jonathan Richmond and the MLs.


    2 Hip-Hop Songs?

    By on

    No EDO.G, who made an album called "Roxbury, 02119" mind you, and an overall lack of independent artists from Boston, despite the inclusion of a Mr. Lif and Big Shug song.

    I didn't see any Gang Starr either, with frontman Guru from Roxbury as well.

    I applaud the attempt though, but with help they wouldn't need reaches like Electric Avenue.

    I'll defer to your expertise

    I'll defer to your expertise on the lack of homegrown hip-hop, but there appear to be plenty of independent artists (The Allstonians, Mary Lou Lord, Khed, whoever they are, et al). I'm sure the map creator would probably welcome suggestions for songs he's missed if you'd like to contribute.

    Maybe "A tournament, a

    Maybe "A tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies" is supposed to refer to the Beanpot and the pin is in the wrong place?

    I got nothin'.