Boston really bringing home the bacon; is this town big enough for two pigs?

Around 7 p.m. came word that somebody had squealed to the cops and an officer was duly assigned to determine whether there was a pink pig with black spots roaming the Public Garden.

Mission Hill's Bobby the Pig? After all, he's been known to enjoy snuffling through the Public Garden.

But maybe not. Audrey alerted us to Back Bay's own Frank the Pig (Frank being short for Francis, as in, you know, that English guy), whose owner, Hayley, likes taking him out for constitutionals around the neighborhood



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    That explains it

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    Boston Tweet posted a picture of a pig drinking outside McGreevy's yesterday. It didn't look like Bobby.



    I can't really tell the difference. They look incredibly similar. What's the identifying difference?

    Third little pig

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    I saw a young man walking an absolutely tiny pig on Westland Ave in the Fenway last week. It was neither Bobby nor Frank.


    Pig on Westland Ave

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    I've encountered the same little big/young man near the Westland Ave Whole Foods a couple of months ago. I believe he lives in the Mission Hill area.


    Last weekend I was walking

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    Last weekend I was walking through the common and I ran into another pig. Although this one was rambling on and on about some app on his phone that let's him pay his car insurance and check his policy.

    I couldn't get away fast enough.



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    Does he go by the nickname "Cocktail" Frank?