Boston traditions come together in the North End

Moving day in Boston's North End

Jesse Haley shows us a moving scene during the St. Anthony's Feast in the North End today. Looks like nobody had yet started the ceremonial stuffing of the couch cushions with dollar bills.



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North end quickly becoming

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North end quickly becoming another student filled neighborhood. Brighton and allston are ruined. Mission Hill partly ruined. Seems like cambridge has the student thing under control - i dont hear anything about a cambridge christmas or see all the trash / furniture on the sidewalks like in boston student areas. And cambridge has tons of students but lots of families / working people as well.

Boston made its own bed

Now they have to share it with students who can't live in student housing because of all the dormitories that would have been built in the '80s and '90s due to all of the anti-student housing whining and moaning in previous decades.


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Have there been any new universities built in the last 20 years? Have any significantly increased their enrollment? Pretty sure the number of students has remained pretty constant, and there haven't been any dorms closed down recently, Swirly said, you didn't want dorms, now you get students living together in apartments.

Yeah right

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Funny that the newbie is wearing a Varitek shirt. And his buddy looks like he has a Red Sox shirt also.