reports on annoying company leaving crap on people's steps

No, not Globe Direct, but Restoration Hardware, which has mailed out 17-pound bundles of catalogs to people in Boston's tonier neighborhoods, i.e., not the sort of places you'd think would be sullied by Globe Direct circulars.

H/t EL Connolly.



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Well... yes, suburban

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Well... yes, suburban McMansion owners have the space for RH over-sized furniture. However, have you seen the tiny sized apartments in Beacon Hill? There's no way a giant RH couch is getting in one of those places, doesn't matter how much money the owner has.


By on is literally becoming the worst/buzziest piece of crap news site, not to mention the "beta" version really (sucks). They are trying to be young and are just using awful "reporting" headlines such as... "This small town in Boston is the ranked the most ______ one.. find out which one it is here." Garbage.

bought a doorbell once

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I found a great, old-fashioned turn/crank doorbell from Restoration Hardware for about $20. (The product "VICTORIAN TWIST DOORBELL" is no longer available!) The old mechanical style doorbell was a great feature to add to our house and it was the only bell you could hear from basement to 3rd floor. The only problem was that many people had no idea how to ring it even after I put a label under it.

Then, a few months later, the first of these afluenza tomes arrived. I was able to call them up and stop the catalog from coming eventually, but it was ridiculous to see all the expensive crap. Now, it seems they don't even sell the restoration product I needed anymore! Too much money to be made from bored rich people buying stuff to kill time, I guess.

Last year, the USPS got tired

Last year, the USPS got tired of delivering those behemoths and simply dumped a crate-full of them on our doorstep. They were addressed to people all through the neighborhood. I called the USPS about this and, of course, got nowhere. In hindsight, I should have called RH. I'm sure they pay the USPS to deliver those things to the address given on the cover and would have been interested to hear how it all worked out.

There's a difference

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I'll take a Restoration Hardware catalogue inside and look at it before going to sleep, but I'm not even taking the Globe Direct out of its plastic bag.