The Bostonians who were scared of lobster

Lobsters in a pot

This is just so insane it might actually be true: An ad that popped up on Boston Craigslist yesterday sounded a scream for help, along with several photos of the menacing black bag:


My husband and I have a few lobsters but we're both VERY scared of them. They're ugly and scary looking. They're in that bag, I tried to see if they'd fit in the pot - and was using a stick. I wish we could get a pic picture for you but they are alive moving and we're scared to open the bag.

We don't care if you're a man or woman, older or younger. We just want to be able to eat them.

We're looking for someone who can come over, and prepare them for us. In return, we hope you'll stay and have dinner or lunch with us and make new friends. We're sane, just scardy cats. We live in the Allston village area.

We'll provide anything needed. You just tell us what since we've never made lobsters before.

UPDATE: Couple surmounts fears, cooks and eats lobsters.

H/t Kelly Packard, who reads the Craigslist gigs ads so we don't have to.



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given recent events....

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...there's a joke here about throwing back a catch that's too young....but I won't be the one to make it.



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If only there existed restaurants that specialized in preparing and serving various animals from the sea. I mean how awesome would it be to have a place like this that took care of EVERYTHING: contacting the fishermen/wholesalers; receiving the wily and dangerous sea creatures; slaying them as appropriate; cooking and seasoning them; tastefully arranging the food from the sea (ah, we could call it "seafood"!) on a nice plate; and then have a dedicated group of people whose only job was to bring your meal from the kitchen to the table.

Maybe one day...


Here's another handy tip

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Ask the people at the seafood counter at the supermarket to cook it for you. Most of them will - I think they steam them. All you have to do is take them home, crack them open, dip them in butter and enjoy.


Original poster of ad

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They were given to us as gifts. So we didn't really have a choice. Lol


Boil Water

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Drop lobsters in the water. When they turn red, eat them.

I've got to tell the truth, though. I've cooked a lobster - once. I felt so guilty about killing the giant cockroach of the sea that I really didn't enjoy eating him. I did finish him, but mostly because I would have felt even guiltier for killing him and then NOT eating him.



I think...

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They need a bigger pot!



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This has gotta be a hoax...or something. If I come over to cook them I will eat all of them and make you watch. Who the hell would buy lobster and be afraid to cook them? Boil those suckahs and dip em in some seasoned melted butter....dumbasses if they are for real. SMH.


They'll sufficate and

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die at some point soon and then can just boil'em up and voila!!
But don't wait too long after death...



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Serious psychos or weird swingers? They have time to compose a CL ad, but can't google "how to steam lobsters"?



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Attractive couple looking for crustacean for some steamy times. You have big claws and be fit. She's hotter than hell and really exists and I'm not just some fat guy who's lying about the existence of her and to myself about my sexuality. Must be drug and disease free but butter friendly. Please send photo of your gonopods. We have a room at the Red Roof Inn next to Kowloons.