Boston's most powerful politician bestrides the Atlantic like a Colossus


UPDATE: The Limerick Leader has revised its story and now calls Linehan merely ONE of Boston's top politicians. You know what this calls for, of course:

There once was a paper in Hibernia
That seemed to confuse Boston with Serbia
A man named Linehan
They called the top strongman
Gave local writers a hernia

Bah, you think Bill Linehan is running away from a stupid breakfast? What need does Boston's most powerful politician have of a roast when he can spread his graciousness to the auld sod? Or so we gather from reading a paean to Linehan in the Limerick Leader, the newspaper in the Irish metropolis where Linehan will be spending St. Patrick's Day.

BOSTON’s top politician will be the guest of honour at Limerick’s St Patrick’s Day parade this year. ...

Meanwhile, Boston’s second most powerful politician, Mayor Marty Walsh says the start of a new daily service between Shannon and Logan Airport will aid business opportunities between the two cities.

H/t Gin Dumcius, who keeps up with the Irish press like nobody's business.



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    Our greatest shame

    Why can't this city elect better politicians? World class leadership in science, innovation, industry, healthcare, education, finance, art, media, and sport, yet we consistently have throwbacks and holdovers from the 1970s in office.


    Who's Better

    Not that I disagree that our elected officials suck but can you name any US city with a really smart leadership who deliver good services without corruption?

    Local politics has always been the most slimy and likely always will -- little oversight, lots of authority, easy elections.


    right, the federal government is sooo great

    Local government is most slimy? What country have you been you living in the last ten years?

    Compared to the large-scale institutional corruption of federal prosecutors exempting the strong and hammering the weak, pork and waste in federal procurement, including military purchases unwanted by the military itself, intelligence agencies which break the law, spy on Americans, and lie about it, a foreign policy that seeks to manipulate the government of the Ukraine and gets lots of people killed in many countries, among other faults, local government is pristine.

    I'd rather have Marty Walsh and the Boston City Council, including that fool Linehan, running the country than Obama and the Congress right now.


    That's not how human nature works

    "Sure, they're jerks at a local level, probably bigger jerks than Obama was at a local level, and oversee a blatantly authoritarian local police department, but I'm sure that if local politicians had access to more powerful levers of power, the power would be used responsibly. After all, look at classic local politician Ronald Reagan."

    A race to the bottom, eh?

    I don't disagree with you but the city council has access to relatively small sums of money so the corruption appears to be relatively small in comparison with the upper branches of government. To become an elected official with any authority on any level you need the backing of special interests (such as Marty Walsh to unions, many US Senators to the Tea Party, etc) and these groups don't lend their support for free. That's what you get when you have a city/state/nation of apathetic, misinformed voters.

    The FBI recommends ...

    "The FBI web site recommends against using its data for ranking because these rankings lead to simplistic and/or incomplete analyses that often create misleading perceptions adversely affecting cities and counties, along with their residents." From Wikipedia.

    There once was a bhoy named Bill

    There once was a bhoy named Bill
    A Haitian girl thwarted his will
    He was cut to the quick
    And flew off to Limerick
    Where he ended up drinking his fill.

    Linehan is a clown. The sad thing is that the Leader story is probably based on quotes from him. He probably believes he's Boston's most powerful politician.

    No class. When Linda does well, or at least OK, he'll look even smaller.


    "ONE of Boston's top politicians"

    Assuming the original reporting was correct, the Limerick website has now changed their headline, with the word "ONE" capitalized. Linehan is a sore loser and a coward. Good choice for Council President you losers, and that means you, Michelle.