Boston gets a new RMV branch next month - at Haymarket

The RMV announced today that its replacement for the Chinatown branch opens Sept. 15 in that parking garage/office building atop the Haymarket T stop that will also house the Boston Public Market.

The RMV will occupy the building's second and third floors. In addition to standard RMV functions, visitors will also get to enjoy a new E-ZPass customer center.

The RMV will open the office on Sept. 10 for a public sneak peak and for this year's auction of low-number license plates - which will include "351" - a number the registry notes is significant in Massachusetts.



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It only makes sense

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The DMV and Haymarket vendors are both known for their exemplary customer service.


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That building has been vacant since it was built. Absolutely ridiculous that that state never bothered to find tenants.


Derek Jeter's batting average in the World Series?


The number of hours you spend in line waiting to re-new a license.

The answer

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Figure out the number of cities and towns Mass. had before the Quabbin Reservoir existed, then subtract 4.

Public Market

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Is it just my imagination, or has that been Coming Soon for like 15 years now?


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There was a T stop directly underneath the old RMV too, so both were pretty easy...this one has more bus lines AND the green, but, still...

Easy to drive as well...

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There's a parking garage in the building and exits from I-93 both northbound and southbound, and the Sumner Tunnel, all within 3 blocks.

Even for car access, it's a LOT better than the one along the Mass. Pike where you have to go 15 miles out of your way even if you're starting out adjacent to the office! (And of course you have to pay a toll just to get to the Registry as well.)

The Arse mall is garbage as

The Arse mall is garbage as well. Too many budget popups, headshops, convenience stores, etc. You'd think there'd be a way to get business in there but ehh.

Surprisingly people do shop there often and the 70 is always clogged with people and their purchases. Very odd.

Thanks Martha....

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Since it's not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts, why bother to register and insure your car?

What are you talking about?

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It's still illegal to not have your immigration paperwork filled out correctly and be in Massachusetts. However, it's a federal enforcement problem, not a state one. The state doesn't go around searching out people who might be guilty of treason or photocopying money either. Do you think the state thinks those are not illegal activities either?

Also, insuring your car, whether you are here legally or illegally, prevents you from heavy liabilities if you don't and enforces a social contract between neighbors that someone will be able to pay the damages if something happens. However, it's expensive and people here illegally don't usually come loaded down with lots of money. Registering your car keeps the police from stopping you and asking lots of questions. Do you think people here illegally don't register because they like discussing their situation with the police? They register to fit in and avoid suspicion if they're allowed and that helps the state know more about them than if they didn't register...which is what you want, isn't it?

But this isn't about how illegals behave once they're here, is it for you? This is all about kicking out illegals that you probably think are a drain on your tax money (undocumented immigrants paid $150M in state and local taxes in 2010) or that they "took yer jerbs" (they often work in positions that only compete with high-school dropouts and their purchasing power more than offsets the number of jobs they take by creating higher demand for products meaning more higher skilled jobs needing employment).

The record high # of

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The record high # of unemployed teenagers disagrees with you.

Incorrect correlation

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Teens aren't getting jobs because there aren't as many jobs, so adults as well as people with degrees get preference. There has been a huge influx of young adults with college degrees and no jobs since 2007 as the push to "go to college" continues. These people leave college, don't find anything of standard and take sub-standard jobs instead. Who would you hire? The illegal, the teenager in HS, or the college graduate?

Add to that the fact that more jobs require more skills (what's the last job wanted ad you saw that didn't require a HS degree at a minimum) and we aren't training teens to have skills, we're teaching them test-taking abilities to make sure our school's funding isn't cut off or taken over by the states as part of national education policy. Vocational technology education isn't on any standardized tests and lies outside the "normal" academic education. Finally, this same trend of reduced employment in teenagers is ALSO being felt by the illegal residents which is why the inflow of immigrants is down since 2007. So it's in conjunction with teen unemployment, not causing it (otherwise teen unemployment would have reached its apex in 2007 when the illegal population was its highest).


I live in Revere, and there's an RMV in Revere, but this RMV would be much easier/faster to get to by transit. In case that wasn't ironic enough, there's also the irony that I'd prefer not to drive to the RMV.