Boston's newest park has a soft opening today

The Fort Pointer shows off the new Channel Center park on A Street - privately funded but open to the public.



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    Until someone gets mugged

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    It ain't a South Boston park until someone gets mugged in broad daylight, a neighborhood dog does his business below a "No Dogs Allowed" sign, and it gets dedicated to a Catholic Priest that died on a mission to Jamaica Plain.


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    How very witty of you. I've never been the victim of any crime my entire life and when I finally caught the person leaving their dog's business outside my house it was one of our "new" residents.

    ya but

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    unlike a Boston City Park, it'll be replaced or repaired next day.


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    You are just trolling, correct? Did you not see the dozens of trees planted in the pictures? In the real world trees take time to grow and will provide ample shade with time.

    People complain when there is

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    People complain when there is shade (shadows) and when there isn't, pick a complaint and stick with it. Put the park near Chiafaro's harbor garage project and problem solved.

    Oh the humanity!

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    An empty lot in Southie not turned into luxury condos? What's going on over there?

    Anyone help with some info

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    What's being fenced off in the last shot on the page? It looks like some sort of a rink/flat top area that's cordoned off with fencing but I don't see the same spot in any of the other pictures to discern what is being fenced off.


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    Shucks, I was hoping for something more exciting.

    Map where the park is

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    Here's Google's Street view of where the park is. Looks like it was a building site when Google's car drove past.

    It's a neat looking park and some greenery is a nice addition to that part of Southie (or the Innovation District ) as it's very industrial and barren otherwise.