Boulders of unusual size plunge to the ground along parkway just past Faulkner Hospital


State Police had to block a lane on Centre Street outbound just past Faulkner Hospital tonight when several boulders plummeted to the sidewalk and bike lane from the rock formation between Allandale Street and the Trinity Lutheran Church.

Workers from the state Department of Conservation and Recreation quickly joined troopers as they tried to figure out how to remove the rock slide and keep another one from happening on the ledge underneath Brownson Terrace, a small street normally notable only for the resident who lets all candidates perch their campaign signs on the outcropping above the parkway.

At one point, an intrepid but, according to his wife, stupid, photographer stood right under the ledge, photographing the boulders. A kindly state trooper suggested that was perhaps not the best place to stand, pointed to a newly formed crack running up the side of the escarpment and told the photographer to keep his eye on it and if he noticed movement he'd better be getting out of that spot pronto.

The photographer then moved to a safer location past the edge of the rock formation.



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    Only if it threatened me

    Erratic behavior alone isn't enough.

    No need for a bike lock anyway - a piece of paper would get the situation under control.

    Speaking of bike lock self-defense, you might want to avoid attacking women in Porter Square. I talked with a couple ladies in that area today and one (a pedestrian) was carrying a u-lock and another had a leatherman tool (not like the ones in your fantasy pr0n, either).



    [The Dread Hyperlocal Blogger approaches the scene, camera in hand]
    Buttercup: Adam, what about the B.O.U.S.'s?
    Adam: Boulders Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.
    [Immediately, a B.O.U.S. falls on him]