BPL in Copley Square gets new brickwork - Lego brickwork

BPL in Lego bricks

Evolving Critic closely examines a Lego model of the central library, on display through April 5 - inside the library itself (hmm, wonder if there could be a smaller model of the model library inside the model library ...)



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The BPL librarian at the front desk giving wrong directions.

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Inside the Dartmouth Street entrance at Boston Public Library there's a librarian at the first floor front desk answering questions, giving directions but doesn't know the building. Visitors are sent with incorrect directions only to return and be given other directions.

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Small blessings

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At least there is a librarian there - that doesn't always happen.

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Where's the rest?

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This should read "a lego model of 1/2 the central libray." I know the city wants to turn the Johnson building into a mall to cash in on its Boylston street frontage (what good is a public service if you can't monetize it?), but they haven't publicly stated they wish the building didn't exist. Not enough bricks to do both?

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A more welcoming BPL !

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Many of the spaces at Boston Public Library need to be made more welcoming with better interior design that it's more comfortable approaching the staff. It's both a interior design problem and administrative culture problem of staff development, training, supervision.

Backstage behind the scenes tours of BPL on the web would serve the goal of making the place more welcoming!

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I would happy if they could

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I would happy if they could return it to a place of learning and research rather than the homeless day shelter and tourist group parade route it has become.

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Don't Gut the 42nd St. Library! Save NYPL

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Don't Guit the 42nd St. Library!
Don't Sell the SIBL & Mid-Manhattan!


email the Mayor

Protest while you work

Share a photo of this flyer: email, FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The New York Public Library administration's proposed Central Library Plan will irreparably damage the 42nd Street Library, one of the world's great research libraries and a city-owned landmark.

The library administration intends to demolish the 42nd Street Library's book stacks and install a circulating library instead, and displace 1.5 million books to off-site storage in New Jewsey. Their plan will sell off the Mid-Manhattan Library (5th & 40th) and the Science, Industry & Business Library (34th & Madison), squeeze library users into a space one-third the size of these libraries, and cost taxpayers more than $150 million.

This plan was devised in a secretive process with no public input. It has been condemned by Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, and leading architecture critics such as Ada Louise Huxtable in the Wall Street Journal and Michael Kimmelman in the New YOrk Times. Help stop this calamity!

Committee to Save the New York Public Library

Matthew Zadrozny

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johnson building

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I wouldn't miss the back half of the library (the Johnson Building) one bit if they tore it down. What were they thinking when they built that thing? It's ugly inside and out.

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The hedge fund deal driven NYPL trustees and leadership

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10am Saturday, March 29th
MoveOn Action
42nd Street Library, 5th Ave at 42nd St
New York, NY 10018

Let's keep the momentum going! Please sign up for this gathering right away!

Message from your host, Martha R.: Join us as we walk around the outside of the 42nd Street Library asking our elected officials to protect the libraries and not allow the exploitation of these public treasures.

The hedge fund deal driven library trustees and leadership are pushing to sell and shrink our largest and most successful libraries in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

They already sold the successful Donnell Library and are busy replacing it with a luxury high rise and a tiny bookless library in the basement.

We can not let this attack on democracy and public assets continue.

March with us as we let New Yorkers and the press know we stand to protect libraries, the great nurturers of our society.

This event is sponsored by
Lynn's Kids International and Saving Souls,
Citizens Defending Libraries,
Ponce Hope Foundation,
Visions International 1,
MoveOn.org New York City Councils,
United For Action,
Library Lovers League,
United Federation Of Teachers,
Mothers For Sustainable Energy,
One Day On Earth,
Citizen Action of NY - NYC Chapter

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