BPS backs away from plan to hand over brand-new school building to charter group

The Globe reports BPS says it won't file to turn the Dearborn STEM school into an "in district" charter school this year, which means the earliest it can try is 2016.



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You can't believe everything

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You can't believe everything you read in the globe, but if the reporting is true, it seems like parents and real community members of the Dearborn just said no to a charter school. Maybe demand for charters isn't as high as some would have us believe?

Not really

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They said no to this BPS school getting converted into a (city run) charter. Charter wait lists for good, non-controversial schools are very high. I don't see a link really.

"City-run" charter?

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The proposal would have had the non-profit BPE (aka Boston Plan for Excellence) running the school, not the BPS. Or are you implying that the BPE is just a shell for the BPS/Mayor's office?

No implication, just inaccuracy

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I was trying to convey that this wasn't going to be a 'for profit' charter school like the Brooke, etc.. From an earlier article:

"Under the proposal, Dudley Street would operate Dearborn as an “in-district” charter school, allowing the School Department to maintain some oversight — unlike most other charter schools that operate independently of the school system."

For profit?

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Since when is the Brooke School a for profit entity? Its a non-profit.

Sorry, more corrections.

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I didn't mean to slag the Brooke- it's a great school. I meant private vs. run by the BPS or city.

We should arm

the teachers with Uzi's and ask the students to pay per class per day so that we can achieve a true free market solution to our education woes which if administered properly will lead to Forefather inspired ideas which will unleash our economy and bring freedom to the people.

Yet another example of BPS knee jerk decision making

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This whole plan shows the problem of BPS being reactive, without decisions thought through, again and again. I am personally glad the brand new school will remain in city control - and not under control if a group that has never run a school this size - but if the plan were so great, BPS would have tried harder to sell it, rather than reverse course so quickly.
Over and over, BPS makes decisions that cut off local and student and family connections to a school taking away feelings of continuity and stability. It is just constant reinvention for the sake of it.

" It is just constant reinvention for the sake of it."

That's what I find deeply obnoxious about all this charter school eyeglaze.

I'll never have to agonize over how my offspring will obtain a useful credential as I'll never have any. But our public education system has long been considered one of the fundamental strengths of the republic..

Why are we putting up with the fad machinations of conceited right wing and glibertarian ideologues?

Instead of this perpetually arrogant wheel reinvention, why can't they focus on fixing and enhancing the system we have?

And is anyone thinking through how transformation of the ways we can learn are undermining the broader notion of going to a place and sitting in a room with others your age for an adult's direction?