BRA pick put on hold

The Herald reports Mayor Walsh isn't going forward with putting Ted Landsmark on the BRA board until he can learn more about how Landsmark came to be the former president of the Boston Architectural College.




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Must have been a hell of a

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Must have been a hell of a job interview if the Mayor's just asking about prior work experience now.

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Flip Flop

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This is what happens when someone tells you who to hire.

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Mr. Landsmark is a pretty

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Mr. Landsmark is a pretty good guy. I've met him a couple of times and I believe him to be a licensed lawyer. With that said, I've never worked with him. He's also know as the man who was speared with the American Flag in that famous pic. Not that it disqualifies him, or makes him eligible. It's just a tidbit.

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sometimes in the morning I put my BRA pick on hold too, until I have a better idea of how my day is going to go.

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