Brawl earns Cask a two-day timeout

The Cask 'n Flagon will have to shut for two days due to a closing-time brawl that left one man pouring blood from the back of his head and a bouncer lucky his finger wasn't bitten clear off.

The Boston Licensing Board ordered the penalty last week for a May 22 incident sparked by a hothead being pushed out of the bar after being ejected earlier in the evening and a woman who had no connection to him who decided to give bouncers a piece of her mind.



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    How are the actual dates determined? Obviously a Tuesday and Wednesday when the Sox are of town wouldn't hurt as much as a Friday & Saturday during a home stand.

    You get to pick them as long

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    You get to pick them as long as it wasn't an egregious foul that landed you in hot water.


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    Once again a business that serves thousands of people a year without incident, being punished for adult that can't handle their booze.....

    Not quite

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    They're being punished for having bouncers unable to handle people who couldn't handle their booze.

    Not really

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    It is punishing a business for attracting and then overserving loser douchebags. That isn't just the bouncer's fault, as the bouncers don't do the overserving.

    Half a million people a year

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    Half a million people a year go through those doors every year without out a problem... Actually had dinner before a couple of games this year with my son. Guess we are douchebags.

    I know your right Adam....

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    Feel bad for grown man who would have most likely bit another patron's finger off, that was minding his own business and consuming like and adult.

    Another reason...

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    ...the next Sox ballpark should be built in Foxoboro and not Boston.


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    You dont like having Fenway in Boston, move back to where you came from bub!


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    ..but there would be a whole lot fewer!!!

    81 homes games x 30,000 suburban meatheads.... you do the math!

    "The Foxboro Red Sox"...I like that.

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie

    Still many other bars and

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    Still many other bars and many other incidents that do not involve the Sox. Those suburban meathead always have and always will patronize bars all around Boston, regaress of where the Sox play.

    Like I said..

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    it wouldn't eliminate suburban meatheads but it would lower the amount.

    Let's do some math:

    81 home games x ~36,000 Seats at Fenway = ~3 million.

    And don't forget the people that hang out in Fenway just to be part of the "scene". Those people would instead go to Patriots Place and lower the quality of life there instead of my city.

    The Sox moving to Foxoboro would make plenty Boston residents happy.