Brighton watering hole plans to add outdoor seating

The Lincoln Bar & Grill on Lincoln Street wants to add an outdoor patio for up to 24 patrons, owner Francis Thomas told the Boston Licensing Board today.

Thomas bought the former Hogan's Run last year after telling the board he would replace the old-time bar's "portholes" with actual windows.

The board decides tomorrow whether to approve the patio, which would be open from April to Oct. 31 and until 10 p.m. A representative for City Councilor Mark Ciommo (Allston/Brighton) strongly supported the proposal, saying Thomas has done "a terrific job" with the old place.



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Maybe Dana Hersey will come over for a pop after he wraps up his shift on The Movie Loft.


allston drinking establiments and news anchors

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the guys from the tv38 building like to rip it up in the Lincoln on occasion. im talking the younger, toucher rich type guys. the older guys up the street at EEI like to drink in the old man bar inside the stockyard.

ill tell you a story, I saw this happen twice. sitting in the bus stop pub in Allston a little bit before 11pm, in walks the legendary newsman john henning. he never sits down, but he puts up two fingers and the bartender pours two shots of whiskey. henning slams them both, turns around and walks out (must've had a tab?). two minutes later i look up at the tv and there he is, john henning, live on wbz news. that is old school right there.


picnic tables

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I haven't been to that location since before it was Hogan's Run. At least I think it's the same spot. Pretty certain they used to have picnic tables out back. Fumes weren't bad all things considered.


I feel sorry for the apartment

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next door to the bar that has their windows that face onto the patio... I miss the dive bar that was Hogan's - I was becoming a regular with my coworker right at it's end. My coworker said he's been since it's changed and just isn't a fan of them changing everything about it but oh well, what can you do... except find a new one.



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So today I happened to notice that it had reverted to its previous name, The Lincoln. The Hogan's Run designation was inspired by the "Logan's Run" movie, according to the bartender I asked when the change occurred. Glad it is back to The Lincoln, which most people still called it. They used to have great steak tips, although the kitchen has been gone for a while. I used to go there with friends and hang out in the back "patio," which was a paved-over area with picnic benches and directly abutting an apartment building. If you had a dog, you could bring him there. Always a place where teams would gather post-softball game gatherings. When it still served food, I would bring out of town guests, especially those from overseas, to get a taste of Brighton-style America.


before the stinking lincoln

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A friend and room-mate used to work in the Lincoln back in the early '90's. Back then it was actually a nice bar before to became the "Stinkin' Lincoln". The food was pretty decent; good pizza and decent steak tips and real mash potatoes (not from a packet).