Brookline man tired of repeat phone calls urging him to buy Mormon DVDs, so he sues

Anthony Clark says that for the past year, he's gotten repeated calls from a Utah company that sells Mormon religious DVDs and that its computers keep calling him even though he's asked the company to knock it off.

Yesterday, Clark filed a federal lawsuit against Living Scriptures of Ogden, UT, demanding the company get its "automated telephone dialer system" to stop calling him - and to pay him $1,500 for each of the calls, of which he says he sometimes gets three a week.

In his suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, Clark said he never asked the company to contact him and that the repeated calls violate a federal law against such repeat nonsense.

Clark says he can tell the calls are computer generated because when he picks up his phone, he hears silence, followed a couple of seconds later by a live operator - something that would only happen with "predictive dialing."




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I Miss The Telemarketers

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After dropping land-line service years ago, I never receive telemarketing calls anymore. I miss them; they always were lots of fun to play with! Predictive dialers were great because I immediately could tell it was a telemarketer. Before they'd even get their first word out, I'd cut them off and ask what number they were calling. Since the computer dialed the number, the caller wouldn't know. So then, I could accuse them of "playing with the phone" and say things like "does your mother know you're doing this?" It'd throw them completely off their script. Such fun!

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I had better things to do

I had better things to do that chat with any telemarketer, I just hung up. It must have been demoralizing for those people to get hung up on repeatedly, but I couldn't really care too much about that.

We've been on the DNC list for years, and yes, it's cut down on the vast majority of calls. I still get, however, robo calls from a carpet-cleaning company, and then every so often some pastor from down in Texas has a robo call about Jesus. These come in on my voicemail.

With caller ID, if I don't recognize the number, I just don't pick up the phone!

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anthony clark?

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saw him at the paradise when they still had comedy, he was prettty funny. not sure who was higher, anthony or me and my friends. he took a mic and camera out onto comm ave and stopped drivers to ask them what they were up to while we watched inside on monitor. one guy was smoking a joint. not sure why he is suing the mormons.

i had a friend that used to invite the mormons in, listen to them as long as they wanted to talk, offered them a beer and then let them know that satan was his lord and he wanted to tell them about it. lots of nervous looks fom those blue eyed, blonde haired, door to door, god salesmen.

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