Incredible Hulk storm to slam us upside the head

Terry Eliasen at WBZ notes that tomorrow's storm involves the dreaded bombogenesis. Wha?

It is basically a fancy term for what happens to a storm when it undergoes a rapid drop in pressure in a very short amount of time. Essentially it goes from a relatively weak, regular old storm, to a monster, nor’easter-type system. I am sure most of you have seen the Incredible Hulk? Just think of mild-mannered Bruce Banner. One minute he is just a regular old doctor, then he gets angry and the next minute he is a big green monster - bombogenesis!

Now, when Eliasen wrote that this morning, the forecast was calling for 3-6 inches in Boston. But the National Weather Service has issued an urgent Winter Storm Warning (because everything the NWS does is URGENT) that goes into effect at 10 a.m. and calls for:


Yes, sounds like it's French Toast time. Again.



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Should probably cancel those dinner reservations for 6:30pm tomorrow, eh?

Go away winter, you're drunk.

No way!

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I have an 8 PM rez and I'm going even if no one else shows!

Kiss my white ass, winter!

Too late!

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The restaurant just called and cancelled on us. Fortunately it's a 3 day weekend, so we'll try again tomorrow.

Cowards. I was fully looking forward to slip-sliding around in a blizzard, risking every member of my immediate family, woohoo!! *wild goggle-eyes* (Oh dear lord, it's been a long winter....)

I'm so sick...

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of this EFFIN winter! I'm due to be riding the Northeast Corridor train north from Ct. right about that time. Yeah, that outta work. :-(

I'm waiting on spring.

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The snow can be pretty when it first falls, but when people don't bother to clear and salt down their sidewalks and cities and towns do such a poor job of snow removal, it gets to be a drag after awhile. Winter has already worn out its welcome, as far as I'm concerned.