Burger place b.closed on Newbury Street

Boston Restaurant Talk reports b.good has closed on Newbury.



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never even knew it existed


that was a big part of their problem. You're not going to make a lot of money if people don't know you're there.

b.good less.good

My perception is that quality decreased as they began to expand. That said, I still like b.Good, but I can't see a market for three of them in the Back Bay.

Food's still decent, but the

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Food's still decent, but the local burger market is pretty crowded - the Harvard one has to compete with Tasty Burger, Flat Patties, Shake Shack, Bartley's, Charlie's and a number of other pubs that serve burgers.

It b not so good

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Ate there a couple of times and it was meh.

Boston Burger is so much better. We go there.

I like b.good

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But I probably couldn't tell you where this was. The Dartmouth Street one gets the business done, so I'm glad it's still open.

The one thing I've never got about the Back Bay is the duplication of stores. 3 CVSes, 2 Bolocos, a Bank of America seemingly on every block of Boylston Street, and now a mere 2 b.goods. And don't get me started at the Starbucks at the Westin. If you are at their windows, you can see the Starbucks across the street.

Oh, and why are there 2 Dunkin Donuts at Back Bay (or at least there were)?

There've been two Dunk's at Back Bay for awhile now

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The main one, in the commuter-rail emphysema zone , where you can get sandwiches, and the "express" one on the other side of the station, near that police substation thing, where you can only get coffee, donuts and Munchkins.

There are indeed 2 at Back Bay

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The older one is on the side for tracks 5 and 7 and the newer one is in the Amtrak/Commuter Rail waiting room. The newer one makes all the hot items in addition to the bakery/drink stuff.

and before b.Good -

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- there was a fantastic Persian restaurant located in this space. Wonderful food. Lost their lease so the property owners could put this burger joint in the location.

b.good Burgers were okay, fries were usually cold. Nothing special at all.

My favorite burgers

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are at Eagle's Deli at Cleveland Circle on the Brighton/Brookline line. I go there all the time.