Bus driver who hit city traffic supervisor with her bus in Kenmore Square breakfast tiff won't be getting her job back

An arbitrator recently ruled that an MBTA bus driver kept telling such dramatically different stories about how her bus came to hit a BTD supervisor and several parked cars in Kenmore Square that the T was within its rights to fire her.

The T fired Lataria Milton not long after the Aug. 9, 2012 incident, in which Milton's bus hit the supervisor and the cars after, police said at the time, the supervisor had told Milton to move it because it was blocking a turn lane in the busy square.

After Milton was found not guilty of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - her bus - her union asked an arbitrator to order the T to reinstate her as a driver.

The arbitrator declined, saying the story Milton initially told police differed dramatically from the story she wrote down in a report to her supervisor and from the account she gave at an arbitration hearing - that she "panicked" and hit the gas instead of the brake. He concluded this "falsification," even if a jury found her not guilty of assault and battery, warranted her dismissal.

The arbitrator also rejected a union request that the MBTA be ordered to pay for Milton's legal costs.



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They get it right, sometimes

Nice to see the arbitrator ruled the way logic would dictate in this situation -- even if the driver is telling the truth and "panicked" by hitting the wrong pedal it still is grounds for dismissal on the basis of not being able to safely operate a bus.

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And people wonder why so many

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And people wonder why so many hate unions. Laughable.

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So many

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If so many people instead saw them as employee defense attorneys, then so many people would wonder why they didn't have one themselves the next time they got fired.

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"Defense attorney"

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...A "defense attorney" that takes a percentage out of your paycheck every single week, no matter what - if they're competent or incompetent, helpful or useless, win or lose. Oh, and they may refuse to take up your "case" (grievance) at all.

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