Bus hits woman in Uphams Corner

The Globe reports on the 11:35 a.m. incident involving a route-41 bus.

Photo of the scene.



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MBTA Bus Drivers

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Are the most aggressive asshole on the road. BPD needs to start pulling them over for driving infractions, its like they all have immunity behind the wheel.

"Pay us with the money you

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"Pay us with the money you don't have and use what little money we give you to function!"

Those drivers would be protected no matter what, so it's hard to believe that would deter anything.

As a 25 year rider, MBTA bus drivers have earned my respect

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Because they have the toughest job in the city.

I hardly ever witness a motorist heed to an MBTA bus trying to merge into traffic BUT I see motorists cut off buses all the time. Or block them from entering a busway and preventing 40+ people from making a transfer.

BPD needs to start pulling over everybody who breaks the traffic laws, including motorists.

But let's generalize and call all MBTA bus drivers "the most aggressive asshole on the road." Do you even know how to English?

I'll make a generalization about you, anon: Given that all MBTA bus drivers possess a Commercial's Driver's License and drive for their bread, I'm quite sure they are more skilled at driving than you are. Unless you have a Class A and are air brake certified, anon.

Thank you, sir

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Been a bus driver for 9 years myself, and I can say we do NOT get treated very well by other vehicles on the road. Now, I'll be honest, there are a good number of drivers who should NOT be driving a bus, they'd be better off as CSAs or train motormen etc. And many are rude and anti-social. Which only stacks with passengers who are rude and anti-social. Not a good mix. I've never once been disciplined, had an accident and I get 2-3 commendations a month. You know why? I don't drive like a maniac, I'm on time, I treat my passengers with respect and dignity and I don't go looking for a fight when a wiseguy tool doesn't pay the fare.

But we are certainly not the most aggressive people on the road, not by a long shot.

blue tarp

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The blue tarp in the middle of the intersection is a bad sign. M y prayers go out to the victim and their family

The Transit Police probably

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The Transit Police probably got there in their fancy vehicles. They should've taken the red line to JFK and transferred to a bus from there.

Also, i have seen the police pull over a bus before for going through a red light.