Bus trumps trolley in Allston

Bus on Green Line tracks in Allston

Carli Velocci photographed the bus that is now preventing outbound B Line trolleys from moving in Allston.

How the bus wound up there is under investigation by Veolia Transportation, which runs BPS buses, a BPS spokesman said.

We believe there were five students on board when it happened. Everyone is fine and another school bus already came to pick them up and take them home.

Michael Tousley shows us another view of the blockage:

Trolley blocked by bus


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Giving 3:1 odds

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Bus driver was attempting to pass a badly located double-parked car. Figured he would just edge against the curb, but ended up getting his wheels to climb the curb and fell into the track side. Panicked and didn't try to get the bus to pull itself back out of the dirt pad (or he's low enough that he centered an axle or two on the curb...but he looks higher than that).

Was he

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Texting while doing this?

Also possible

A parked car may have pulled abruptly out from the curb, and the bus swerved to avoid it and jumped the barrier. Difficult to get out, because many vehicles will spin whichever tire spins most easily, and the bus is also likely to be a rear wheel drive (can't turn the spinning drive wheel to climb the barrier).

Not worse than driving with a cel phone

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Idiot cyclist will possibly kill his or herself doing that.

Idiot cyclist will not likely kill anybody but his or herself doing that.

Idiot motorists slaughter tens of thousands of people doing that.

Simple matter of statistical scale of stupid.

Remember kids, F=m*a is not a federal agency ... it's the law!


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If someone swerved to avoid said idiot and hit a pedestrian it would still be the driver who caused the accident. Im guessing that you're the cyclist in the photo!

Just as dangerous as driving

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Just as dangerous as driving on a cell if not worse.

To herself? Maybe. To others? No, not at all, not one little bit.

No, you're right. If she hits

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No, you're right. If she hits a pedestrian or swerves in to traffic, there's absolutely no chance anyone else could possibly be hurt.

why is a private company investigating?

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"How the bus wound up there is under investigation by Veolia Transportation, which runs BPS buses, a BPS spokesman said. "

Aaaaaand the company is investigating instead of Boston or Transit PD...because?

Why not?

Boston/MBTA must feel there was nothing egregious about it -- just a simple "accident". Meanwhile, to Veolia, he may pose a liability threat and should be investigated further.

This is just a theory/opinion. This is no way reflects any official statement or sentiment of my employer.


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Maybe the driver thought the school bus came standard with hi-rail?

Deja Vu

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This same thing happened with a car last year about a block further up Comm Ave. The driver said he was texting and didn't notice that he had jumped the curb, but that explanation never made sense to me.

I watched the tow truck try and remove the car, and the tow truck couldn't even jump the curb intentionally - they ended up just destroying part of the car pulling it over the curb because they couldn't get the tow truck over it. There is a part of the sidewalk without any curb at the corner of Comm Ave and Brighton Ave, so I can only reason that he cut the turn short (which is a fairly common occurrence, but most people correct their error before the curb), and wound up on the tracks. Even so, the car was at least 350 feet from the intersection, so there's no way he wouldn't have noticed he wasn't on the tracks, even if he was texting. No one else seemed to question his story though, so there was never any follow up.