Bystanders join chase of alleged purse snatcher, grab him, hold him for police

Boston Police say a Melrose man probably didn't count on being hunted down by bystanders when he grabbed a woman's purse at the Summer Street Wendy's yesterday.

Police say a woman and her roommate were eating in the restaurant around 5:40 p.m. when she got up to use the restroom and left her purse on the table with her roommate.

When she returned, her bag and her roommate were gone. Officers spoke with the roommate, who stated she was sitting at the table and observed the suspect take the victim’s handbag from the table and flee the restaurant on foot. The witness gave chase up Summer Street and down Arch Street. Several bystanders observed the chase take place and also gave chase of the suspect. In front of 101 Arch Street, the bystanders were able to stop the suspect and detain him. The victim recovered her black leather hand bag from the suspect.

Stephen Gauthier, 26, was charged with larceny over $250.

Innocent, etc.



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    I'm currently eating a

    I'm currently eating a chicken sandwich in said restaurant. You'll usually find a couple suspect people here at any given time.


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    It's the sketchiest Wendys I've ever patronized.

    I Know

    I'm so bummed the Washington street one closed - that was a bit brighter inside and a bit safer

    Wow, this one must be really

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    Wow, this one must be really bad in order to make the old Washington Street more desirable.
    Funny memory... a long time ago my friend bit into what she swears was a mouse turd that looked like a burned piece on a fry in that Wendys.

    Very busy, very strange layout

    I usually keep track of my stuff because the place is on two levels, strangely laid out, and very high traffic. Never had any problems, but anyplace that busy and chaotic provides a lot of opportunities to lose stuff.