Cactus Club dries up

Boston Restaurant Talk reports on the apparent end of the Boylston Street Mexican place.



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Just wow.. never thought that place would close. Always seemed to be very crowded on weekends.

Was a good spot to get a margarita on boylston and sit on their TINY patio.


I lived right around the

I lived right around the corner from them and have been there maybe once or so. Never really thought it was that special.

Dibs on who will buy the license when Berkeley inevitably buys the place to turn it into another exclusive school run function hall.


A pity

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Boston just can't seem to get and keep good Mexican restaurants. Their food was pretty good and not terribly over-priced. They also has a great tangerine margarita.

We used to go there about once a year and they will be missed.

angela's cafe in east boston

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angela's cafe in east boston. try the chicken enchiladas with green sauce. you will be very happy.


Angela's is more Puebla (not

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Angela's is more Puebla (not saying it's not good, just saying it's a bit dissimilar from the Tex-Mex crap most people call Mexican food), but Taqueria Jalisco is fantastic for tacos/rice/beans. Taqueria Cancun in Maverick isn't too shabby, either. There are plenty of good options in the city, and Cactus Club wasn't one of them. Cactus Club was decent for drinks, but its food was for people who are the types that keep Sam Diego's open and thriving in Plymouth/Cape Cod.

If you need to stay In the Back Bay, there is still the superior-to-Cactus-Club Lolita if being around actual Mexicans frightens you.


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What good Mexican places have closed in Boston? Cactus club is about as far from "good Mexican" as you can get.

Rumor: the food court at

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Rumor: the food court at Prudential Center might close during the construction of the new building that will be next to the food court. Any truth to this rumor?

This rumor is somewhat related to Cactus Club closing since the food court has a Mexican food concession.