California man charged with Southwest Corridor mugging

Boston Police report arresting Robert Christopher Baker, 28, of Livermore, CA, for last night's attack on the Southwest Corridor near English High School, in which he allegedly knocked an elderly woman off her bike and stole hner iPhone.

On arrival officers observed a male matching the description of the suspect running behind English High School. Following a brief foot pursuit, the suspect was placed under arrest. A pat frisk of the suspect allowed officers to recover the victim’s cell phone.

The victim was treated for multiple lacerations to her face.

Baker was charged with unarmed robbery and assault and battery on a person over 65.

Innocent, etc.



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I'm glad he was caught!!! I

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I'm glad he was caught!!! I hope the lady testifies against him in court.

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Where's everyone who just two weeks ago said how poorly the s.w. corridor is patrolled?

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southwest corridor patrolled?

I don't have details of this incident, but it sounds like the police (I noted BPD and MSP there) mounted an excellent RESPONSE to the incident, they still don't effectively PATROL the damn place! With the upcoming school bus cuts, younger kids will have to pass through the Forest Hills area. I hope there is going to be an effort to patrol this area.

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I feel like a broken record, but I'll say it again: Bet this has NOTHING to so with the drunks and drug addicts that hang out in that part of the corridor. How many people need to get robbed, assaulted or abused in this area for the police to patrol it like they should? Apparently a few more!

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whoa, backpatting much?

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Good job, Lou! You guys did what you were supposed to!

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You haven't gotten your AARP card yet?

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I would put "elderly" starting at 65, though I might change my mind when I turn 64.

Here's an unrelated one for you. From time to time I will hang out with older people reading the obituaries. Whenever someone younger than them die, they note how "tragic" this is, basically because it points out their own mortality. A 75 year old would read of a 73 year old dying and act like the deceased was 22. A friend's 101 year old mother died. After giving my condolences, I told her of my theory of obits and individual mortality, to which she told me of her mother's roommate at the nursing home. The roommate was 98 years old, so her mom called her "the kid."

So, elderly is all relative.

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Freaking californians...they are the worst...long way to come for an old cell phone...

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