In Cambridge, if you save a space, you better put some effort into clearing it first

Uncleared parking space in Cambridge

Pete Septoff was agahst to discover some "sociopath" simply dropped a cone in an unshoveled space in Cambridge today. So he took quick action:

The cone now pines for fjords.



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But seriously

people in Cambridge are some of the most child, smug, arrogant that you can encounter in Greater Boston. No, it's not drugs, mostly narcissism and superiority. You wouldn't understand, they're juysty better and smarter than everyone else.

I suppose it's possible the

I suppose it's possible the cone was put in at a time late enough for them to have needed to shovel it out, but early enough that more snow ended up filling it back up. It's still a bit dumb to put a cone in in such a situation, (having a cone buried in snow is just silly) but not the same sort of shamelessness as just putting a cone in pre-storm.

Locking to street signs

At first I was going to suggest that in Cambridge one is not allowed to lock a bicycle to a street sign, but apparently I was wrong.

However, I do recall on some streets the sign posts have signs on them indicating it is no legal to lock bikes to them. That may be in situations where the sidewalks are too skinny to accommodate bikes and pedestrians.

So I guess my comment is more of an FYI. ;-)


handicap parking signs

In Cambridge it's specifically illegal to lock your bike to a handicap parking sign, and some but not all handicap parking signs have placards to that effect. I'm guessing it's because your bike might be blocking a handicapped person from exiting a vehicle if they need to use a curbside door.