In Cambridge, the signs are anything but pedestrian

Flower power sign in Cambridge

JB Parrett noticed this ped sign in Kendall Square.



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    Cambridge. Where else?

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    If it's not weird, dumb and just plain loony it wouldn't be Cambridge. Many years ago, there was talk of a group trying to get a movement going to have that city secede from the United States. It would make more sense if they went all the way and seceded from Planet Earth.

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    Howling at the moon?

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    Howl at the moon much?

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    Tolerance for the viewpoints

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    Tolerance for the viewpoints of others is still clearly frowned upon in Puritan Boston.

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    Why this icon?

    The pedestrian could be accurately depicted as looking down at a cell phone, or having its head in the clouds. Or a head full of something other than a daisy.

    The generous profile is non-judgmental, but a more slender one could promote an organic, raw, vegan diet instead of mainly micro-brews.

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    if you are in 1985

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    He might be. That is where he is stuck.

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    Well played,sir.

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    i'd rather...

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    ...not give additional exposure to the work of those who deface traffic safety signs, especially those signs that are posted for the safety of people on foot.

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