Candidate for sheriff gets ticket for posting sign on public property

If you think you can guess which one, you'd be right.



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Nice sign

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Looks like he has apparently spelled "Sheriff" correctly on this sign.


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Screw you Dougie, you clown. Your broke-ass posters aren't going to get you within a bum's whiff of Sheriff, and you know it.

I vote for Bennitt

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If we were voting to have him barred from any and all future elections.


I keep seeing these signs pop up in Revere for a few months. Took a while for Doug to start putting signs up in this area, they started appearing much later than the Boston signs. The funniest part is, most of them keep disappearing but they end up being replaced as if Doug goes around checking on them every single day.

EDIT: By the way, if you're going to do this many signs by hand, GET A FRIGGIN' STENCIL!

oh i know!

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He was marching in the gay pride parade a few weeks ago.. he came up with his hand written signs and I was like "who is this baffoon"

Seriously tho, last time I had signs printed. A large poster board sign was 50 cents plus 75 for the board (one color). Not much money for a few hundered of these printed up, yet he still hand paints them. Sheesh says a lot about his campaign.

your price list is outdated

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I had 100 22" x 28" done by Richard Advertising with 2 colors (i.e. black + spot color)... $3.55 each.

You can also go to the Connollly Printing site (used by a vast majority of Boston candidates) and you'll see their prices are nowhere near what you quoted.


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I should have clarified that at the time I was working with a printer I gave a ton of volume to. We were ordering 100's of thousands of dollars in printing every year so we got a reduced rate most likely.

Still, @ say 3/bucks a pop (say for one color) still 3 bucks @ 100 or so of these, 300 bucks is small change to look professional and not like a 2nd grade art class did your art work.


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Doug used to be a Tea Party Republican, but he decided to register as a Democrat, cuz he thinks that will help him win, as opposed to losing which is what he usually does.
He is not a Democrat in the sense that normal people would understand.
But Doug is anything but normal.

I had read somewhere that

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I had read somewhere that Bennet was bankrolled by his Papa Gino's founding father-in-law, not sure if that's still happening. I had wondered if the crudely produced signs were an attempt to make them look more "grassroots". Most of his signs appear on chainlink fences surrounding blighted or abandoned properties, almost like that do-not enter red x the firefighters put on unsafe buildings.

What an odd political gadfly he is, is this his fulltime job?


the wife, seeing what her future might have possibly been, dumped Dougie like bad potato salad. He also lost the last job he was known to have had, that of a real estate agent in Dorchester. I can't possibly imagine why?

Oh, well. As long as he spares us his presence in this forum!

perhaps a dirty trick

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I've seen Doug's signs everywhere, and frankly I think it's brilliant marketing.

But I have never seen them on public property like you see in this violation (a bridge). He may be annoying to some of the commenters here but he's not stupid. And he has a huge amount of experience with signs, including "normal" signs.

Entirely possible that someone else put it there to cause trouble.

Sherriff or Sheriff

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He cant even spell the word Sheriff, or is it Sherriff, consistently. He has signs out there with both spellings.
That certainly isn't an indication of being smart.

Not Doug.

Doug always goes for the anon or "Townie" when he posts the nonsense that he won't put his real name on. This poster is a just a little too literate and not angry enough to be Doug.


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I've seen Doug's signs everywhere, and frankly I think it's brilliant marketing.

For sure. Really shows he has the ear of the special needs folks.

I'm sorry. That was mean. Special needs folks have better handwriting. This stuff is more of the oeuvre of the tongue-sticking-out-in-concentration-while-fist-clenches-crayon crowd.

Say what you want about the guy

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He's got people's attention, and the candidates (I was surprised that other than Bennett and the incumbent, there is at least one more) now have to work at the election.

Bennett may be delusional. Personally, I don't like how he was going after Dan Farnkoff, who is one of the nicest guys I've met (and I have met him) even after the two finally met up and supposedly cleared the air (which was supposedly Dan saying "so I've heard you have been talking trash about me on UHub")

I am slightly afraid of the spectre of Sherriff Bennett, but his candidacy has been awesome. I haven't been this amused since Dan the Bagel Man (different guy, completely different guy) was running for City Council. Those signs. The time that went into them. They're all hand made. Oh, the signs.

Actually it hasn't.

From accusing his opponent of beating his wife to out and out calling him an "animal", Bennett's candidacy has been anything but "awesome". The guy makes Louie Gohmert look like August Strindberg. Remember this is a man who allegedly pushed a 71 year old man down a flight of steps because the senior objected to Bennett's taking over a public meeting in Nantucket.

Not the kind of person you want either carrying a gun or in charge of prisoners.

There he is!

Posting under the name "BostonDailyNews" on Red Mass Group, Doug unleashed this little nugget:

Yes it is whispered that Steve Tompkins beats his wife, but I think the article is about his righthand man was arrested for beating his wife.

And then:

I think it was Steve Tompkins who beat Calvin Brown's wife... or something like that...

Hi Doug

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Posting as anon
Referring to the real Sheriff as "his opponent"
Referring to Brown as his opponent's "top lieutenant".
All classic Dougisms
Doug stopped posting as himself on Uhub a long time ago, because Uhub readers don't buy his BS. But he does pop up occasionally as anon.


Apparently someone who is capable of actual thought explained to our Dougie that he was not winning any support by posting his insane nonsense on forums like this one and Blue Mass Group.

His Twitter feed still remains hilarious, as he recently bombarded every writer and media outlet in town with the sensational story of Rohan Blackwood's death in a cell and Bennett's attempt to pin it on Sheriff Tompkins. Only he deleted most of those Tweets when someone must have told him of Blackwood's checkered past. Classic Dougie!

Oh, you're just a hater

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I think you're confusing an awesome campaign with an awesome candidate. Oh, we're screwed if he wins, don't get me wrong. However, it seems politics is getting boring, and Dougie is spicing things up. Imagine if the likes of Dan the Bagel Man or Althea Man Hands had money to throw at their candidacies. Then imagine personally hand made lawn signs.

But feel lucky, I think he still thinks you are Dan Farnkoff. I know Dan Farnkoff. I know Dan's family. And you, sir, are no Dan Farnkoff.

Hey, if your idea of an awesome campaign

is selective racism, child like scribbling and a cynical, moronic attempt to fool the electorate into thinking you're the incumbent, good luck with that. And hater? No, hate is too strong an emotion to waste on someone like Doug Bennett.

Yes it is

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It is better than going to a NASCAR race hoping for a crash, but that is on the hope that the incumbent gets out there and campaigns. The sad thing is, I'm not sure of his name. Thompkins?

Think of the debates. It would be akin of those viral YouTube videos where you are asking "is this guy real?". I'd pay to see them.

But yeah, ths guy should not be elected.

The"animal" comment

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I confronted the new Althea Garrison about this comment back a mayoral debate and he attempted to justify it stating he"called me a p**k a** bit**. I later was confronted by one of his few supporters who went on to say what he does for the community and how he is harmless seeing as how he will probably only get 60 votes citywide. I later called this"also ran"inquiring about an apt for an elderly couple and I received no reply or maybe he was canned first.


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I think the comparison of Doug Bennett to Al Garrison is unfair. Al and Doug are both perennial candidates and both have incoherent positions on issues, but the comparison stops there.

Al is actually a sweet person, and tries very hard. Al really does contribute a lot to the community.

Doug does not take well to any kind of questioning or criticism and lashes out with personal attacks at anyone who dares question or criticize him. Just look at his history on Universal Hub when he posts as himself. He has never contributed anything to the community, except maybe the paint store where he buys his green and white paint.

Who are potential Sheriff candidates for Suffolk County ?...

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Who are potential Sheriff candidates for Suffolk County ?... in addition to
Steven W Tompkins Boston

Douglas Bennett Boston

Jeremiah F Goodwin Sr Revere

2014 State Primary Candidates

2014 State Primary Candidates for District Attorney and Register of Probate
District Attorney Suffolk District Daniel F Conley Boston

Register of Probate Suffolk County
Patricia Patty Campatelli Boston
Felix D Arroyo Boston
Richard J Joyce Boston
David T Keenan Boston
Martin J Keogh Boston
John Sepulveda Boston

5PM Tuesday July 29 2014 last day and hour for for nonparty Candidates to submit nomination papers to Registrars of Voters for certification of signatures