Cannon removed from the top of the Bunker Hill Monument

J.L. Bell reports a cannon that has been in the chamber atop the Bunker Hill Monument since the 1840s is being removed today for restoration. But it's unclear where it will wind up once it's spruced up, he writes.



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At least it wasn't bronze.

That stuff gets 'found' in a foundry.

I spotted a nice example of bronze plaque theft over at Savin Hill today.

It made me think of your past assertions regarding the extreme sleaziness of scrap mongers.

There was a run of bronze plaque thefts at some point and it is even more obvious than the wrought iron bridge ornaments.

Some grubby swine shows up at your scrapyard with a custom bronze plaque memorial for a combat hero of world war one... but of course it's being tossed... no need to look twice.

I loved the riposte from the scrapyard from your original blast..

It was some sleazy clown yammering on about "25 families and their livelihoods".

As if pumping out baby monkeys is somehow an excuse for wanton criminality and eco-havoc from scrapyard swill.

It is sad when such memorials

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It is sad when such memorials go "missing". I recently had to bury my brother and the cemetery in Maine (Evergreen) only allows plaques or markers in the area my brother is interned. I was advised by the Memorial company that bronze plaques get stolen quite frequently and I opted for a granite marker. My brother is buried right next to one of my cousins killed in Vietnam who is memorialized with a bronze plaque, I and others keep a watchful eye on his marker. I can't imagine going there and seeing it missing.

This is

clearly an infringement upon the Second Amendment. First they take our cannons then they come for the grenade launchers.

Well the 2nd amendment says

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Well the 2nd amendment says "arms" which is a little different than "cannon" or "artillery". People used to have to register for "letters of marque" in order to arm their ships for privateering and privately owned "cannon" or "artillery" typically was shared with the local militia due to needing a crew.

Spruced up !?!

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I imagine it would work better if it did have that huge-honking hole in the barrel.

The hole was "put" there

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The hole was "put" there during a commemorative ceremony in the 1800 s because of a crack in the barrel.